Australia’s Drones Release New Album


Havilah out February 17,
2009 on All Tomorrow’s Parties Records


by Blurt Staff


Recorded in a Melbourne a house in
the middle of a forest that Drones’ singer Gareth Liddiard and partner/bassist
Fiona Kitschin discovered in January, the Drones’ fourth album, Havilah, will be released in Australia by
ATP Recordings on February 17, 2009. The full track listing is below – also check
out the awesome 8-minute video for their earlier tune “Jezebel.”


Liddiard began writing new songs for the album in the foothills
of Mt. Buffalo, and the album was recorded in
two weeks by engineer Burke Reid. 


He said about the experience, “It’s like a little world unto
itself in the forest.  It’s a beautiful
place. You can’t always find a good spot to record, but if you can find a house
like this that’s a bonus.”


The albums name Havilah refers to a biblical land near the Garden
of Eden and the valley in which the album was recorded.  The album though should not be in any way
confused with paradise.


“It’s not like going on a summer holiday.” Liddiard said.
“This time we were ready for something that was less of an ordeal every time we
had to play it. And I wanted to write songs that were a bit more abstract, so
you can make up your own mind about them.”



Track Listing


1.      Nail it Down

2.      The Minotaur

3.      Drifting Housewife

4.      I am the Supercargo

5.      Careful as You Go

6.      Oh My

7.      Cold and Sober

8.      Luck in Odd Numbers

9.      Penumber

10.    You’re Acting Like it’s the End of the World




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