Don’t give her any
more room to dance.


Near as I can glean from YouTube, The Marvin Hagler/Sugar
Ray Leonard fight took place on April 6th, 1987. No one I knew at that time
could believe the outcome. It was supposed to be a bloodbath. Leonard was
supposed to do the bleeding.  Hagler had
over fifty KO’s under his Middle Weight belt. Leonard, a pumped up Welter
Weight, had twenty three. Somehow, Leonard won on points.



 A couple of months
later, June nineteenth, or Juneteenth , as they say in Texas, anniversary of
the day in 1865 that the Texas slaves were finally told they were free, I was
hanging out backstage at the Navasota Blues Festival . My lady friend, at that
time, was a real good interviewer and had secured an interview with Johnny
Clyde Copeland, the headliner at that festival. She and I constituted two of
the four white people in attendance. Navasota is a black town in a black East Texas county. Turned out, Copeland’s manager made
most of his money managing boxers out of Houston.
The ranch on which the festival was held was owned by a boxing promoter. The talk back stage went from music to
reefer to boxing. Johnny and his guys ribbed me for not being much into pot. I
remember Johnny saying, “You got fifteen dollars, you need a hair cut and some
reefer, which one you gonna buy? I know which one I’m gonna buy.” None of
them were at all surprised by the outcome of the Leonard/ Hagler fight. They
knew how it had gone down. Johnny’s manager explained it very slowly. Hagler’s handlers
had lost the fight for him long before the first bell. They had rolled over to
the Leonard camp’s requests for a larger ring and heavier gloves, thus giving
more room for Leonard to dance, and taking the sting out of Hagler’s punch.



And now the Democrats have agreed to treat Sarah Palin with
heavier, softer gloves. The Vice Presidential debates are to be
question/answer, not debates at all. YOU MORONS. Palin is deadly when she has a
script. Without a script, she’s a Valley girl on St. Joseph’s Baby Acid, unable to put together
a sentence even worthy of Dubya. Had you “vetted” her any better than
McCain did, you would have known this long before Katie Couric chased her back
into the shadows from which she will only emerge, fleetingly, trout like, to snatch
the occasional choice fly off the surface before the election. You are afraid
to be accused of roughing up a woman. She’s not a woman, you idiots, she’s a
candidate, and a very dangerous one. She’s dangerous because she so . . . so .
. . stupid, and she will be President if McCain is elected. McCain is about a
million years old and has had four malignant melanomas, the most dangerous type
of cancer. It will recur and it will kill him. The stress of the oval office
would not be likely to postpone the inevitable.



I can’t say I know Palin’s personal beliefs, but
fundamentalist Christians tend not to differentiate between acts of man and
acts of God. They tend to see acts of man as acts of God through man. Man made
global warming is just God’s plan.  This
world doesn’t matter anyway. Jews are to be resettled in Israel, so they
can die. Democrats are willing to let Palin get her hands on the Armageddon
switch rather than risk being seen as bullies. YOU MORONS.


Singer-songwriter James
lives in Austin,
Texas. When he’s not touring, you
can see him at the Continental Club every Wednesday, ‘round about midnight. His
latest album,
Just Us Kids, is out now on Lightning Rod Records.




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