Video: Wassup 2008 – Vote For Change



Most awesome political
vid since that Ron Howard-as-Opie clip…


By Fred Mills



You remember that jaw-dropping video we showed you last week
of Ron Howard, Andy Griffith and Henry Winkler endorsing Obama, don’t you?
We’ve found another pretty amazing video, this one posted to YouTube.


It’s practically a YouTube ritual to remake the classic
Budweiser beer “Wassup” commercial – search on the site and you’ll find
everything from doctored clips culled from Star Wars, Simpsons and Super
Friends (Batman, Superman et al) to variations on that Bud commercial filmed in
dorm rooms, on street corners and in strip clubs.


So now we come to “Wassup” eight years later. This time,
with the stakes quite high as we near Election Day and life in general feeling
pretty grim, it’s considerably less lighthearted than the original. But it’s no
less compelling.


See below for “Wassup 2008” followed by the original Bud ad.
And seriously folks – GO VOTE. Now. Early voting ends in most states tomorrow.


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