Vid: Flaming Lips, Others Do NBC Theme


Those three popular
chimes are getting a reworking.


By Mandy Rodgers


For 75 years TV audiences have identified channel NBC with
its recognizable three chimes. The notes are simply G, E, C, but played in that
order, the colorful NBC emblem immediately comes to mind. To play with its own
theme song, NBC called on an array of artists to record eight-second pieces
doing whatever they want and then ending with their own arrangement of the
famous G, E, C, progression. The spots will begin airing around Thanksgiving of
this year.



Starring NBC’s own stars and a variety of musical groups and
individuals, the short spots began shooting last week. Called “Chime In,” the
commercial with non-musical actors features John Stamos (ER), Christian Slater (My Own
Worst Enemy
), Jenna Fischer (The
) and Masi Oka (Heroes)
among others humming (or bonging) the tune or discussing NBC’s winter line-up,
including the Super Bowl.



As for the musical guests, B.B. King, Richie Sambora, The B-52s,
Clint Black, T.I. and the Flaming Lips are set to have promos
on the network. Entertainment Weekly joined Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne as the group shot its piece and talked
about guitar hero’s influence and the legend of those chimes.



Watch a video of Wayne Coyne’s chat with EW HERE – watching the Lips churning
through eight seconds of patented Lips-noize, and concluding with a majestic
3-note finale, is worth the price of admission alone.



Speaking of the Lips, we have a review of the band’s new
film Christmas On Mars film in our
new (November) issue of the official BLURT digi-mag. Watch the BLURT site for
the magazine to go live this week.



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