Spacemen 3 Returns! (Sorta…)


Limited edition
mini-album w/rare and unreleased material.

By Blurt Staff


Great news for Spacemen 3 fans.
The defunct-but-beloved British outfit has a limited edition (2000 copies) 5
track mini-album titled DJ Tones  released by Space Age Recordings this week.



The CD comes in a cardboard sleeve wallet and features 2
previously unreleased Spacemen 3 tracks, a radically different mix of the their
cover of the Red Krayola’s “Transparent Radiation” – and appearing for the
first time on CD, the ultra rare remix of “I Love You” (originally only 50 promo white label vinyl copies were ever pressed).
Rounding off this mini-album is a studio version of “Ecstasy Symphony.”



Track listing:

These Blues
Transparent Radiation (violin mix)
Modulated Tones
I Love You (remix)
Ecstasy Symphony



For those not in the know (we can hear you breathing out
there), Spacemen 3 consisted of the core duo of Jason
Pierce (Spiritualized) and Sonic Boom a.k.a Peter
Kember (Spectrum & E.A.R.) who formed the group in Rugby ,
Warwickshire, having met at art college. Other members of what would become a
fluid lineup over the years included Pete Bain (Bassman, also of The Darkside), Natty Brooker, Sterling
Roswell (Rosco), Will Carruthers, Jonny
Mattock (Slipstream), and for the final few shows, Mark Refoy (also of



Get cracking, S3 fans – the record won’t be available for



To read our recent interview with Sonic Boom (who recently
opened shows for My Bloody Valentine and is prepping a new Spectrum album), go


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