Sneak Preview: New Streets Album


Mike Skinner don’t get
no respect. With good reason.


By Fred Mills



Damn. It’s hard out here in the streets for a pimp. Or, more
accurately, it’s hard for The Streets – a/k/a/ Birmingham, England,
beatmaster/rapper Mike Skinner – to get pimped. His new album Everything Is Borrowed is due out next
week, Oct. 7, on Vice (conflicting reports at say Oct. 14), and
already the critics are sharpening their knives.


To wit, your friendly neighborhood BLURT, in a scathing
5-out-of-10-stars review published online today, claims that the album “toes
the line between clever and cheesy, mediocre and superb, but comes out boring
more often than not [and] sinks under its own weight… With hip-hop, it’s quite
simple: You either got it or you don’t. In the case of The Streets’ latest
album, Everything is Borrowed, it’s a lot of the latter.”


Yow. Harsh.


Meanwhile, over at the Streets MySpace page, Skinner’s
blogging has been taking on Courtney-Love-drunk-and-agitated overtones of late.
Reads one choice entry:




I had a dream that my
friend invented a new, much more efficient method of lift, enabling helicopters
to elevate in altitude. I know good invention is supposed to be simple but this
involved 200 Scalextric motors, a circular PCB and many, many right-angled
gearbox-style cogs. It was a very small device but we needed to make a
prototype ourselves in order that we could patent it. I told my friend that it
was important that we didn’t use expensive components as the bog standard
Maplin ones are good enough. It was quite fiddly work but the feeling it gave
us when the thing switched on and sucked more air in the top than it did the
bottom was euphoria. I have been watching too much Dragons’ Den.



Fans, of course, love to read about their heroes’ dreams,
natch. Also about their random thoughts transcribed while out jogging:




I was running through
the park this morning and I swallowed a fly. A pretty big fly. My first thought
was that it could have been a wasp actually, as it wriggled down my neck. It
seemed to quickly die or play dead though. I wanted to put my fingers down my
throat to bring it back up but why should I be so fussy about what I eat? It is
a creature of this earth and whatever taboos or disgustion I felt about its
breed, I shouldn’t make decisions about whether it’s right or wrank to eat
based on subjective thought



Hey, we’ve all felt disgustion at one point or another, Mike, don’t feel bad…. His confessional mode befits
him, as evidenced in this one in which he admits to shoplifting:




I’m lying by a canal
in a massive haze. I got into bed last night and as I nodded I started thinking
about all the hard work I put into this album and how meaningful the day of its
release should be. I called up my people and fought for my right to paartay.
Got them up from deep slumbers. We fought till the sherry end. 6am pizza
express sloppy guiseppe and some fucked up jokes. Today we are shooting a video
for ‘never give in’. Not really sure what the video is about to be honest but
Mayhem is well focused and his video idea for ‘love you more’ was hench. We are
way more hungover than when we did that video though. I got really thirsty all
of a sudden and all Mayhem had was these fucked up sour sweets. Made me
slightly gag. Especially combined with the sound of the new Usher CD I stole



‘Nuf said. Don’t you love it when celebrities do all the
legwork for us?



Fight for your right to paartay with Skinner on his tour,
which kicks off this week in England:




Oct 5 2008      8:00P

(   Manchester

Oct 6 2008      8:00P

(   Sheffield

Oct 9 2008      8:00P

(   Birmingham

Oct 10 2008    8:00P

(   Newcastle

Oct 11 2008    8:00P

(   Oxford

Oct 13 2008    8:00P

(   Southampton

Oct 14 2008    8:00P

            53 Degrees
(            Preston

Oct 16 2008    8:00P

(          Norwich

Oct 17 2008    8:00P

(   Bristol

Oct 18 2008    8:00P

            Rock City
( Nottingham

Oct 19 2008    8:00P

(   Leeds

Oct 23 2008    8:00P

Electric Proms (on sale Sept 17th)         London

Oct 25 2008    8:00P


Oct 27 2008    8:00P

            KB Hall           Copenhagen

Oct 28 2008    8:00P

Freiheit Hamburg

Oct 29 2008    8:00P


Oct 30 2008    8:00P

            Strasse E         Dresden

Nov 1 2008     8:00P

Ruhrnacht radio show             Duisburg

Nov 2 2008     8:00P


Nov 3 2008     8:00P

            Huxleys           Berlin

Nov 4 2008     8:00P

            Stodola            Warsaw

Nov 6 2008     8:00P

            Paradiso          Amsterdam

Nov 7 2008     8:00P

            Den Atler        Luxembourg

Nov 9 2008     8:00P

            Muffthalle       Munich

Nov 10 2008   8:00P

            Longhorn        Stuttgart

Nov 11 2008   8:00P

            Live Music
Hall          Cologne

Nov 12 2008   8:00P

            Rota Fabric

Nov 13 2008   8:00P

            Fri-son             Fribourg

Nov 15 2008   8:00P

            Joy Eslava       Madrid

Nov 16 2008   8:00P

            Razzmataz 2

Nov 18 2008   8:00P

            Laiterie            Strasbourg

Jan 29 2009     8:00P

            Brixton Academy




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