Ralph Stanley Cuts Radio Ad for Obama



Legendary musician
testifies to the candidate’s character and abilities.


By Fred Mills



Bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph
Stanley and his band the Clinch Mountain Boys may be men of constant sorrow
most of the time, but starting yesterday the good Doctor had a different
persona: a man for Barack Obama.


A radio ad that has started airing in the southern section
of the election battleground state Virginia has Stanley giving props to Obama’s
bonafides as a tasty little bit of banjo twang is heard in the background.


Says Stanley,
in part, “Howdy, friends. This is Ralph Stanley, and I think I know a
little something about the families around here. Barack’ll cut taxes for
everyday folks — not big business — so you’ll have a little more money in
your pocket at the end of the year. I also know Barack is a good man. A father
and devoted husband, he values personal responsibility and family first.”


Boy howdy to that. Thank you, Dr. Stanley. You’re a good man


Take a listen to the entire ad HERE.


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