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Here’s one we won’t even attempt to “filter” – it’s
important enough to pass it along to you verbatim, as we received it. This has
been a public service announcement – with guitars.



Continues Push In Final Week of Campaign

Musicians and Artists Unite to Raise Money for Barack Obama

Exclusive MP3s and Artwork on


New York, NY — Musician Jack
Dolgen (Maricopa, Sam Champion) had a song and an idea: use his track to raise
money for Barack Obama after a run in with the man himself.  He told
Barack, “You’ve been running, I’ve been recording.” The first song
released from that recording project was “Daytime,” a song about bridging
divides and coming together. As he and designer Andrew Ackermann tossed the
concept around to their friends in the music and design worlds, one man’s idea
grew into an organization called I Wrote You a Song: trading art for political



first campaign is, launched one week after the Democratic
Convention and has featured daily contributions from artists like Tapes N’
Tapes (go to the site today to download their exclusive “The Dirty Dirty
Amplive Fuct Remix”), Ra Ra Riot, The Honey Brothers, Mobius Band, Au
Revoir Simone, Port O’Brien, Sam Champion, Sera Cahoone, and many more. The
effort is building with multiple posts each day during this final stretch till
November 4th. uses
music and design to bring people from around the world together under one
banner and channel their energy into a unified force. is an
ever-expanding archive of free, exclusive mp3s, each with its own individual
art, meant to build funds, excitement and action for the Obama campaign.



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Rolling Stone

Huffington Post

The Fader

The Fader

The political change
we’re working towards won’t come by itself. The more downloads we get, the
larger our impact can be, so spread the word!


These are unreleased
tracks and demos, only available here, and only available now, so plug in your
headphones and make a difference.










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