Pit Er Pat w/Fall Tour, New LP


The Chicago trio tours
across America


By Mandy Rodgers



Pit Er Pat is busy performing and promoting
High Time through the month of
November. The group has already visited Chicago and Columbus and still has
plans to hit Baltimore, New
York, Montreal, Philadelphia
and Los Angeles
to name a few of the cities on the schedule.



High Time features
a different sound for the trio with drums, sequencers and other percussion
instruments. Members Fay Davis-Jeffers, Rob Duran and Butchy Fuego recorded the
album at their own studio, “Top Cat.”



According to Thrill Jockey Records, “If you’re familiar with
the off-kilter post-rock stylings of their previous efforts, you’ll find those
sounds are still here but now awash with dub and tribal influences as Rob and
Butchy tighten their rhythms and bring layers upon layers of beats into focus.”


Listen to “Evacuation Days” from High



Oct 17  Chicago, IL    
Abbey Pub w/DMBQ

Oct 18  Ann Arbor, MI  
East Quad Music Co-Op

Oct 19  Columbus, OH    Cafe
Bourbon Street w/DMBQ

Oct 20  Meadville, PA  
Grounds For Change

Oct 21  Washington, DC 
Velvet Lounge w/DMBQ

Oct 22  Baltimore, MD  
Floristree Space w/Future Islands

Oct 23  New York, NY   
Barnard College w/DMBQ

Oct 25  New York, NY   
The Annex (TJ CMJ Showcase)

Oct 27  Allston, MA    
Great Scott

Oct 28  Montreal, QC   

Oct 29  Rochester, NY  
Bug Jar w/Science Vs. Witchcraft

Oct 30  Hudson, NY     
Smog (Bard
College) w/DMBQ

Oct 31  Philadelphia, PA       
Danger Danger Gallery w/Chinese Stars

Oct 31  Philadelphia, PA       
Starlight Ballroom w/Man Man

Nov 1   Buffalo, NY    
Kitchen Distribution

Nov 5   Columbia, MO   
Ragtag Cinema w/Heater

Nov 6   Memphis, TN    

Nov 7   Austin, TX     
Emo’s Inside

Nov 8   Lubbock, TX    
The Foundation

Nov 9   Marfa, TX      
Building 98

Nov 11  Los Angeles, CA
The Smell w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 12  Isla Vista, CA 
Biko Co-Op Garage w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 13  Claremont, CA  
Shakedown Cafe w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 14  San Luis Obispo, CA     SLO
Art Center w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 15  Santa Cruz, CA 
The Crepe Place

Nov 16  San Francisco, CA      
Hemlock Tavern  w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 17  Oakland, CA    
Lobot Gallery  w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 19  Portland, OR   
Backspace  w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 20  Anacortes, WA  
Department of Safety w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons

Nov 21  Seattle, WA    
The Vera Project  w/Hecuba, Lucky Dragons




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