Pete Doherty Filmed Almost Doing Crack!


Fellow bandmate
generously offers to fall on his sword, too….


By Fred Mills



Good morning. Don’t you relish those over-coffee-and-bagels
moments, hopefully with the soft light of the a.m. sun peeking gently through
the curtains, when you can ponder the random dirt ‘n’ sleaze that populates
this fine institution we call the music industry?


Today’s scumline in the music biz bathtub is, surprise,
Britain’s Pete Doherty, the erstwhile Libertines/sometime Babyshambles gent
who’s made it his personal mission to see that his surname and the word “drugs”
align as often as possible in news headlines. According to reports in the U.K.
media, Doherty appears in a video posted to YouTube and is preparing to “smoke
something from a small glass container” only to have a bucket of water dumped
on his head by a female friend (i.d.’d as “Mary the cleaning lady”) who
comments, “I thought you’d given up that shit!”


Astonishingly, Doherty – who is, what, on ten different
probations at this point? – has claimed that he has not been up to his old


In other Doherty-related reports, fellow Babyshambles member
Mick Whitnall was arrested last weekend in London “for suspected drug offenses.” Police
arrested Whitnall at a club for possession of crack and later found more drugs
at his home. Speculation is running high that Whitnall was directed by his
band’s frontman to get busted and direct the media glare away from Doherty, and
while there’s absolutely no evidence to support that theory, it’s exactly the
kind of harebrained scheme someone like ol’ Pete would come up with, dontcha



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