Paul McCartney Loses His Head




Sir Paul just can’t
get no respect…


By Fred Mills


No, that’s not a forensic artist’s rendering of Paul
McCartney above; as far as we know he’s still very much among the living and
his partial remains have not been found in the forest. And no,we’re not talking
figuratively with that headline – as in, “the ex-Beatle decided to do another duet
with Michael Jackson” or “decided to remarry Heather Mills” – but literally: the wax head of Macca,
originally displayed back in the sixties at the Louis Tussaud museum in London, has disappeared.


According to a report filed by the BBC the head was left in a bag stashed
under a seat on a train en route from London
to Reading today. The head had been previously acquired by a businessman, Joby
Carter, who intended to auction it this coming Sunday. Carter was stated as
saying,” It was just a silly thing to do, if it wasn’t so critical to get it
back for the auction it would probably be quite funny. So far, we’ve had a lot
of hoax calls from people claiming to have seen the head but nothing concrete.


“Someone may have just picked it up and thrown it away without realising
what it was or someone might be trying to sell it. I’ve put up the reward and
am desperate to get it back.”


Carter’s reward offer for the return of the head is £2,000; it’s expected to
take between £5,000 and £10,000 at the auction.


Added Carter, “The silly thing is since the appeal to find the head we’ve
had more bids come in and the sell price is guaranteed to have gone up. But
until it is found it is worthless.”


Er, that last bit probably wasn’t the wisest thing to say to reporters, Mr. Carter, esp. if you want to keep your reward figure low. Call the BBC and see if you can retract it. Meanwhile, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any new Macca listings at eBay!


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