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Haynes Xmas Jam Announced Today @ 5pm


20th anniversary
edition to stretch across two star-packed nights.


By Fred Mills


This afternoon at  5pm
EST the announcement for this year’s Warren Haynes Christmas Jam will arrive
via the event’s official website and over the airwaves at selected radio
stations. Details including the roster of performers and ticketing information –
the official public on-sale for tickets is always preceded by a pre-sale for
fans who register at the site – will be disclosed for the 2008 Jam, which takes
place on December 12 & 13 at the Civic Center in Asheville, NC.


The 2008 installment will mark the 20th anniversary
of the Jam, hence the expansion of the event to two evenings instead of the
one. As has been the custom in recent years there will be an invitation-only
pre-jam Jam on Dec. 11 at the 900+ capacity Orange Peel venue in Asheville. Each year
brings new surprises in the artist lineup as well as the possibility of a
mini-Bonnaroo springing up around the numerous collaboration possibilities –
that’s why they call it a “jam.”


Proceeds from each year’s Warren Haynes Christmas Jam go to
benefit Habit For Humanity.


Be watching the BLURT site at 5pm for details of the Jam, or
go to the website listed above. You can also tune into WNCW-FM (located in Spindale, NC, near Asheville) at 5pm to hear
an interview the station conducted with Haynes earlier this week in which he
sketches out the information. Locally it’s 88.7 on the FM dial, and online at



Neil Halstead w/New Vid, Nov. Tour


English songwriter is
now solo after two bands.


By Mandy Rodgers



Following stints in bands Slowdive and Mojave 3, Britain’s Neil
Halstead is busy working on a solo career. His first album by himself was
released in 2002 on 4AD, but Oh! Mighty
found a home at Brushfire Records earlier this year. You can read
the BLURT review HERE.




Halstead is set to tour the US in conjunction with his second
album and his new video for the song “Paint a Face.”  The video was directed by Emmett Malloy and
shot in Cornwall,
and we’ve got it at BLURT. Check it out HERE.  



Neil Halstead’s Tour


Nov. 6 2008    9:00 p.m.
Schubas Tavern    Chicago,

Nov. 8 2008    8:00 p.m.
The Drake hotel    Toronto,

Nov. 10 2008    9:00 p.m.
Maxwell’s    Hoboken,
New Jersey

Nov. 11 2008    7:00 p.m.
The Mercury Lounge  New York, New

Nov. 12 2008    8:00 p.m.
Music Hall of Williamsburg /w Mark Kozelek    New York, New

Nov. 17 2008    8:00 p.m.
Jammin’ Java    Vienna,

Nov. 18 2008    6:30 p.m.
World cafe Live 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nov. 20 2008    10:00 p.m.
The Earl    Atlanta, Georgia
10:00 PM



HANK III is Number Two




Damn Right Rebel Proud debuts
at #2 on
Billboard country and #18 on
Top 200. Hail Satan!

By Randy Harward


There’s something special about the news that Hank III hittin’ number two on the Billboard country
and #18 on the publication’s
Top 200 with album number four, Damn
Right Rebel Proud
. This is a guy whose on-bus inner sanctum contains a
mason jar half-full of weed—which he gladly shared with Blurt while speaking of his distaste for cops, a trade paperback
copy of The Satanic Bible, rusty
dumbbells and scores of heavy metal CDs in stacks and scattered on the floor. And
he says in the album’s EPK (see it below) that “One song’s written and
dedicated for the outlaw scumfuck G.G. Allin…”


If he’s bubbling
under country fluff like current #1 shitkicker Kenny Chesney, and beats out
other vanilla-scented twangers like Carrie Underwood (#7), Sugarland (#3),
Faith Hill (#10), Taylor Swift (#6) and erstwhile Hootie, Darius Rucker
(#5—that’s right, vanilla), that’s
one big billboard sayin’ we may one day take country back from the poseurs.
Damn right, rebel proud!


Go get ‘em, III. Punch ‘em in the taint!


p.s. Don’t forget to go to and join
III’s fight to get his grandfather, Hank Sr., reinstated to the Grand Ole’
Opry. Stay tuned for tour dates in 2009.



Damn Right Rebel Proud



Sonic Reducer


Sonic Reducer: The Fertile Crescent of the 90s.

Sonic Reducer returns to the fertile crescent of the late 80s – early 00s, probing for sonic caviar. Again, the disclaimer: I had a small thing to do w/the Whirlees record and did some work about 100 years ago with with The Oblivion Seekers. What can I say? Good is good.

Morning 40 FederationTrick Nasty (2002, self-released): if there’s a better drunk-funk band anywhere in the world, I want to know about it. These New Orleans gutter snipes drag R&B, funk, blues and Crescent City music hall booze-alongs into the garage, dose them with near-fatal amounts of liquor, and let them stumble back into the streets. A 365 day a year drunk-punk rent party, the 40s really do put most other garage bands out to pasture with the utter purity of their trash. Their almost militant indifference to the norms of society (work, food, clothes, other people) pretty much puts them on their own little island in the Mississippi River: the island of revels, where everyone is smashed before noon, of willful irresponsibility; a humid Saturnalia, forever showered with cheap whiskey and beer.

Sugar PlantAfter After Hours (1997, World Domination): a perfectly titled release. Dreamy nocturnal ambient pop from a Japanese duo to while away the hours before dawn to. They occasionally break through the placid surface with waves of humming electric guitars and effects, and finish strong with a rumbling, feedback heavy “Brazil.” This World Domination was Dave Allen’s (from Gang of Four, Shriekback, etc.) label in the late 90s and early 00s-I don’t believe they are affiliated with the current World Domination Records. 

The Whirlees, self-titled (1993, Schizophonic): I’m paraphrasing here, but a reviewer once described the only full release by the Salem, OR combo thusly: “If The Whirlees were a car, they would be a ’73 ‘Cuda with a Hemi dropped under the hood and humongous side-pipes.” This is true-in a paraphrased sense, of course. Thick, rumbling gobs of mid-tempo hard rock cruise through the CD like Dazed & Confused teenage traffic driving in circles on a Friday night. That’s hard rock; not metal, not glam, not punk. Remove the blues from the first three ZZ Top records and fill the gap with stacks of Marshall Amps, wah-wah pedals and fuzz boxes; place under the hood of an El Camino, drop a Quaalude and add Rainier Ale; presto! The Whirlees. They buzz and lumber, they growl and howl, they occasionally pick up speed to approach take-off, they toss in a bit of “Train Kept a Rolling.” They make Salem proud.

The Oblivion Seekers, self-titled (1992, T/K-Tim/Kerr): The Oblivion Seekers are Mark Sten and whoever he says is an Oblivion Seeker. This debut CD is the first in a long line of thoroughly fine records, a criminally underrated body of work that is (as far as I know) still on-going. Most Oblivion Seekers CDs morph back and forth between twin poles of  snarly, electrified rockabilly and super-charged rock & roll and more pensive, even tender material – ballads, mid-tempo numbers and the like. The first record offers that but also something different: a collection of attitude-heavy, gospel influenced material, split into collections of “Saved” and “Damned.” Covers of the Carter Family, Mack Self and others sit next to Sten originals. The sound is trebly and jacked-up, with odd separations in the mix, and a hot/cold feel; it sounds both dry and drenched at the same time. Duality at work: “Roadhouse” is vintage rockabilly, while “Fine, Fine, Fine” sounds like it was mixed by David Lynch. 1993’s Spirit of America is every bit as good or better, a 20 song-cycle opus that goes gold from A to Z.

Steve Fisk448 Deathless Days (1987, SST): for the sake of being conveniently reductive, Steve Fisk has at least three musical personas; band member (Pell Mell, Pigeonhed, etc.), the crafty producer of bands like Mudhoney, Nirvana, Beat Happening, Geraldine Fibbers and many more, and the sonically schizo auteur of solo records like 448 Deathless Days. Loaded with samples and tape manipulations, shifting syncopations and backwards beats and a dark, somewhat foreboding vibe, 448 Deathless Days is the sound of someone cutting up in the studio, indulging his darkly surreal whims. Unfettered indulgence can, of course, be a colossal wank; thankfully, Fisk has a well balanced sense of the weird, knows his way around the musty back-rooms of his gear and can make a racket and be tuneful simultaneously. Members of Screaming Trees and other pals from Seattle and Ellensburg keep it coming.

Steven Jesse BernsteinPrison (1992, Sub Pop): Steve Fisk also had the unprecedented task of finishing the music and production on Prison by Seattle’s poet-provocateur Steven Jesse Bernstein after he took his own life in 1991. With only one track completed, Fisk was left to intuit his way thru Bernstein’s thorny mob of words, a white-knuckle life story poured out with breath-taking venom, cryptic word collage, sweet humor and bared-soul vulnerability. Summing up all the multiple shards of  Bernstein’s complex persona and fucked-up life and death is pointless and impossible. He was street-wise and wise-wise and crazy and damaged/sweet and had an astounding ability to tell stories and create complex knots of images and ideas that never felt anything less than 110% genuine – there wasn’t an ounce of guile in the man. The fantastic flights of fancy in “This Clouded Heart” and “Party Balloon” never wear thin, while the brutal honesty of “Face” can be hard to take; apparently it got to be to much for him, as well. 

Life GardenPry Open My Mouth With The Red Knife Of Heaven (1992, We Never Sleep): One of several infinitely deep, mind-altering Life Garden CDs (including Seed, Caught Between The Tapestry Of Silence & Beauty and The Hungry Void),Pry Open My Mouth… is ritual, start to finish. David Oliphant, Su Ling-Oliphant, Peter Ragan and Bil Yanok were Life Garden. Their metier was acoustic instruments, largely percussion, stringed or blown into/through, manipulated electronically, but with no synths or (on this release) samples. Bells, bowls, flutes, gongs, PVC pipe and multi-tracked voices all get the digital effects treatment to create ghostly, hypnotic soundscapes that range from unsettling to profoundly peaceful. Life Garden’s mission was transformative, not entertaining; the exact opposite of emotionally neutered new age muzak, they shared a little piece of common ground with Art Ensemble of Chicago, Current 93, the tribal-industrial underground and a few top-shelf dark ambient acts. They had more in common with pre-historic cave painting and pagan, pantheistic ritual than popular music; their music seems to emanate from the very earth itself. This is the real stuff: sound as emotion, the fusing of past and present, the melting point of mind and matter in the infinite flux of the cosmos. I am, absolutely, serious.


CHANNEL GUIDE: Thurs – Wilco



Compiled by Blurt Staff


206 digital, satellite and hi-def channels and nothin’ on?
Not likely. Here are BLURT’s top music television picks of the day. The time is
followed by the network/cable/satellite channel, then the name of the program
and/or featured artist(s). All times are EST. For a comprehensive hour-by-hour
listing, go to the VH1 Rock On TV site.
Note that for certain channels, shows frequently repeat during the day on or
subsequent days.






7:00 AM ABC: Good Morning America: John Mellencamp


8:00 AM PBS: Sesame
Street: Plain White T’s


8:00 AM TVONE: Tom Joyner Sky Show: Al Green


1:00 PM Rave HD Concerts: Razorlight – Live at the Trabendo
in Paris


2:00 PM FUSE: Steven’s Untitled Rock Show: Taking Back


2:00 PM Ovation: Bill Wyman’s Blues Odyssey: Buddy Guy , The
Rolling Stones , Howlin’ Wolf , Eric Clapton , Elvis


Presley , John Lee Hooker


4:00 & 7:00 PM Ovation: Live from the Artists Den: The
Swell Season


7:00 PM TLC: LA Ink: Cruefest w/Mötley Crüe


8:00 PM Biography: Charles Manson


8:00 PM MyNetwork TV: Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)


10:00 PM Ovation: Nine Hundred Nights – Big Brother and the
Holding Company


11:00 PM Sundance: Live from Abbey Road: Elbow, MGMT, Alanis


11:30 PM & 1:30 AM Comedy Central: The Colbert Report: Wilco


11:35 PM CBS: The Late Show With David Letterman: John


11:35 PM NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Fall Out Boy


12:05 AM ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: T.I.


12:35 AM NBC: Late Night with Conan O’Brien: Pink


12:37 AM CBS: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: The


1:35 AM NBC: Last Call with Carson Daly: Apocalyptica


2:00 AM PLD HD: Pet Shop Boys: A Life in Pop


EXCLUSIVE: Lost Lips DVD Extras



The Flaming Lips are
known for giving the people more than they expect—but alas, not all we want.

By Randy Harward


You’ve already read about (or watched Wayne Coyne’s video explaining–it’s below) the exciting, completely expected,
mega-deluxe edition of the Flaming Lips’ Christmas
on Mars
DVD that comes out on 11/11. You may even be justifying the expense
to your wife or mother. Or just rolling up the sleeve for another plasma
donation. Anything to get your hands on a movie, T-shirt, popcorn box “with
real Flaming Lips popcorn,” fake (replica) tickets, Lips trading cards, “Eat
Your Own Spaceship” bumper sticker and—maybe, just maybe—one of ten golden
tickets that will land you in the audience at the Lips’ New Years’ Eve show in
Oklahoma. So is the Blurt staff.



Well, what would you do if the mega-deluxe edition contained more and better
stuff? What if everything discussed in the initial meetings actually made it to
the final product? What would you do then? Knowing ourselves as we do, we
shudder to think of the drastic, desperate actions we’d take to procure the
items on this list, anonymously provided to Blurt in the wee hours of today.


         A lock of Drozd’s hair

         A lock of Santa’s back hair

         Fred Armisen voicemail greetings, including “Cosmic
reality is a motherfucker!”

         Wax lips painted black with flames a la Big Daddy Roth,
then dipped in mescaline

         Five golden things

         Miniature jar of mint petroleum jelly with a portion of
the skinned baby lamb from Eraserhead.

         Rolling papers made from band members’ sloughed off skin

         Some of what they’re smoking

         1/8-ounce vial of Wayne Coyne’s cerebrospinal fluid on
Boondoggle lanyard made by Jesus (or Jeebus)

         X-ray Spex (real)

         Download code for new Hinder album

         Make-your-own-swirly-colored-vinyl kit

         Michael Ivins Chia Pet

         Flaming Lips fleece throw and hot cocoa mug and lost
John Grisham novel from his “caffeine days.”

         Clips from assorted Flaming Lips TV appearances,
including Dr. Phil, The View, Oprah, Crossing Over with
John Edward
, Scare Tactics, Family Feud, and Band vs. Wild


Alas, we’ll never lay our greedy
little hands on such treasures. Unless, Blurt readers, you’d entertain a scavenger hunt? If anyone can provide all of the
things on the list, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.



Joe the Plumber, Country Star?


Joe the Plumber is ready to rock with Aaron Tippin. And why not invite Jeff Guckert-Gannon to the party?

By Randy Harward


We know that a country star has to have three names, but
Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher? Sure, Joe the Plumber, as Wurzelbacher is known,
has that Larry the Cable Guy ring, but this blue collar fraud/fame-grabbing
douchebag now thinks he has what it takes to be a shitkickin’ country star.
Just like Aaron Tippin, the ostensibly straight-proclaiming, gay-appearing
“patriotic” country star and part of the braintrust, along with booker-manager
Bobby Roberts and publicity firm The Press Office, that signed Joe the Plumber to a deal that may include a contract with a
major record label.



Can you believe this shit? Check out what The Press Office
told about JTP’s musical


Among the
requests: a possible record deal with a major label, personal appearances
and corporate sponsorships. A longtime country music fan, Wurzelbacher can sing
and “knocks around on guitar” but is not an accomplished musician or
songwriter, according to The Press Office’s Jim Della Croce. “He’s a
complicated guy with a very dynamic personality,” Della Croce told
Politico. “He can sing and obviously has a strong
political point of view.”


Well, maybe it’s not so surprising. Joe the Plumber doesn’t have a license
to plumb, and probably only sings in the shower. Sarah Palin didn’t have a
passport until 2006, but wants to be Assistant to the Regional Manager of the
United States of America. The Bush Administration let a gay rent boy join the White House Press Corps. To say nothing
of the fact that our current president is an all-around dingleberry who lucked
into the family business and stole the highest elected office out from under
our noses.


You know what? Joe the Plumber looks a lot like that rent boy, Jeff Guckert (or Jeff Gannon, whatever). And check out Tippin’s ‘stache and come-hither leer. Maybe there’s something there, and we can expect a series of DVDs (License to Plumb, Knockaround Guys: The Reaming, Working Class Ass, NASCAR Nights/Fire Island Days) to hit adult bookstores–in the super-secret hypocrites-only room.





Compiled by Blurt Staff


206 digital, satellite and hi-def channels and nothin’ on?
Not likely. Here are BLURT’s top music television picks of the day. The time is
followed by the network/cable/satellite channel, then the name of the program
and/or featured artist(s). All times are EST. For a comprehensive hour-by-hour
listing, go to the VH1 Rock On TV site.
Note that for certain channels, shows frequently repeat during the day on or
subsequent days.






7:00 AM ABC: Good Morning America: k.d. lang


8:00 AM TVONE: Tom Joyner Sky Show: Stevie Wonder


9:00 AM SYN: The Bonnie Hunt Show: Labelle


11:30 AM NICK: Yo Gabba Gabba!: Paul Williams


1:00 PM RAVE HD: Other Voices: Ray Davies , Candie Payne ,
Mick Flannery , Glen Hansard , Markéta Irglová


2:30 PM FUEL: The Daily Habit: Jamie Anderson, Darker My


3:30 PM Smithsonian: The Sweet Lady with the Nasty Voice:
Wanda Jackson , Elvis Presley , Buddy Holly , Johnny Cash , Jerry Lee Lewis ,
Elvis Costello


5:00 PM PLD HD: SoulStage: The Roots


6:00 PM BET: 106 & Park: John Legend


7:00 PM Great American Country: Opry Live: Keith Urban ,
Marty Stuart , Carolina
Chocolate Drops


9:00 PM Rave HD Concerts: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers:
Live from Gatorville


11:35 PM CBS: The Late Show With David Letterman: Ryan Adams


11:35 PM NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: The Kooks


12:05 AM ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Whigs


12:35 AM NBC: Late Night with Conan O’Brien: Last Shadow


12:37 AM CBS: The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: The New
York Dolls


1:35 AM NBC: Last Call with Carson Daly: Gavin DeGraw


SXSW Film Fest Announces Speakers



Todd Haynes and
Richard Linklater among the initial confirmations.


By Blurt Staff

For next year’s South by Southwest (SXSW)
Film  Conference & Festival – which takes place March 13-21, partly overlapping
with the Music Conference on March 18-22 – the first round of speakers has been
confirmed. The event will feature acclaimed writer/directors Todd Haynes
and Richard Linklater in conversation together, as well 
as a rare appearance by Col Needham, Founder and Vice President of  IMDb Service Limited to discuss the nature of
information in the  entertainment industry.  Longtime Stanley Kubrick producer, Jan Harlan
rounds out the group and will speak on his vast filmmaking  experience.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with this first round of speaker announcements,
“said Janet Pierson, Producer of SXSW Film Conference and Festival,
in a statement. “These are vital innovators, and true ambassadors
for  the spirit of SXSW.  In these turbulent times we feel this is
more  important than ever as we head further and faster into unknown territory.”

This will be the 16th SXSW Film Conference &
Festival, and the usual Call for Entries is currently open with an early
deadline of November 14, 2008 and a final deadline of December 12, 2008. More information can be found at:


Vic Chesnutt/Elf Power on Tour



collaborative record on the road


By Mandy Rodgers



Released on Orange Twin Records this week, Dark Developments is Vic Chesnutt’s new
album featuring Elf Power: Andrew Rieger, Jimmy Hughes, Derek Almstead, Eric
Harris and Laura Carter. Recorded in Chesnutt’s attic studio by Chesnutt and
Almstead, the album possesses an intimate feeling and mixing of Chesnutt and
Elf Power’s musical mainstays, including Carter’s improvising with an accordion
and Hughes and Rieger’s subtle guitar playing. Dark Developments is also Josh Lott’s final appearance as a member
of Elf Power.



The track list creates a range of emotions from Chesnutt’s
past and present with eclectic titles like “Stop the Horse,” “The Mad Passion
of The Stoic,” “Mystery” and “Teddy Bear.”



According to the label, “it’s that friction extant between
Chesnutt’s shadowy worldview and the inventive bounce and bray of Elf Power’s
euphonious intra-band chemistry that buoys Dark
, provides its freshness, and makes for rewarding and repeated



Both reigning from Athens,
Chesnutt and Elf Power are touring cities together this fall. Elf Power will
open the shows with songs from its previous record In a Cave and then join Chesnutt to perform songs from the newest



Tour Dates:


10/29 Oxford,
MS Proud Larry’s

10/30 New Orleans,
LA One Eyed Jack’s

11/01 Dallas,
TX Club Dada

11/02 Denton,
TX Rubber Gloves

11/03 Austin, TX The Parish

11/05 Santa Fe, NM Santa Fe
Brewing Company

11/07 Tucson,
AZ Club Congress

11/08 Phoenix,
AZ Modified

11/09 San Diego,
CA Casbah

11/10 Los Angeles,
CA Echoplex

11/11 San Francisco,
CA Bottom of the Hill

11/12 Sacramento,
CA Blue Lamp

11/13 Eugene,
OR Sam Bond’s Garage

11/16 Seattle,
WA Chop Suey

11/17 Boise,
ID Neurolux

11/18 Salt Lake
City, UT
Kilby Court

11/19 Denver,
CO Hi Dive

11/21 Lawrence,
KS Jackpot Saloon