NEW VIDEO: Cordero’s “Ruleta Rusa”



Clip from band’s
latest album
De Donde Eres talks
about the “Russian Roulette” of corporate greed.

By Blurt Staff


The alienation—if not the rage—we ordinary folks feel when
told how corporations and government are working to destroy, not bolster, the
country, sounds the same in any language. Cordero’s latest single “Ruleta Rusa”
(“Russian Roulette”) leans more toward the disaffection than rage as singer and
songwriter Ani Cordero sings in Spanish about the damage this avarice does to “nuestro
mundo.” This performance clip was shot in the woods, perhaps to illustrate how
lost and helpless we feel as the Red Riding Hoods caught in the crossfire of
Ruleta Rusa.


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