New Ruthie Foster Album for ‘09


New title on slightly less self-congratulatory than debut
“The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster.”


By Brian Creech


Texas singer-songwriter Ruthie Foster will release her second
self-referential album The Truth
According to Ruthie Foster
on February 3rd, 2009 via Blue
Corn Music.  This album follows her
slightly more self-loving debut, The
Phenomenal Ruthie Foster



The new album was recorded in Memphis at stalwart Ardent
Studios.  Recording sessions began the
day of Isaac Hayes funeral, an act which a press release is calling “symbolic,”
though symbolic of what is not exactly clear. 



Produced by Chris Goldsmith (Blind
Boys of Alabama, Charlie Musselwhite), the album features a veritable who’s who
of Memphis
session players.  Robben Ford
(Yellowjacket, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell) on guitar; Jim Dickinson (Rolling
Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan) on keyboards, and organist Charles Hodges
(Al Green, Ann Peebles).  Bassist Larry
Fulcher (Taj Mahal, Los Super Seven) and drummer Rock Deadrick (Tracy Chapman,
Ben Harper) fill out the rhythm section. 



Jim Dickinson, who asides from playing on the album has also
produced the Replacements Pleased to Meet
, says of the live recording sessions, “[A] good
artist, good players, good songs in a good space. The way it used to was.”



Foster’s debut album received
accolades from critics for it’s gritty sound and soulful realism, and it is yet
to be seen if she’ll repeat.


Track listing and writing credits:


  1. “Stone Love” (Ruthie
  2. “I Really Love You”
    (Tate, Malouf, Couch, Stephenson, Stroud)
  3. “When it Don’t Come
    Easy” (Patty Griffin)
  4. “Hangin’ On” (B. Mize, I. Allen)
  5. “Truth!” (Ruthie Foster)
  6. “Love in the Middle” (E.
  7. “Nickel and a Nail”
    (Deadric Malone, Vernon
  8. “Dues Paid in Full”
    (Ruthie Foster)
  9. “Joy on the Other Side”
    (Ruthie Foster)
  10. “Tears of Pain” (Ruthie
  11. “Thanks for the Joy” (E.





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