New Gnarls Barkley EP En Route



Gonna be the cure for
the grief in your life what ails ya…


By Fred Mills



According to a posting this morning at the official Gnarls
Barkley website
, everyone’s favorite odd couple is set to deliver a six-song EP
on Nov. 11. The Who’s Gonna Save My Soul
(Downtown) will feature the album version of “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul,”
the original demo, the instrumental and the “stripped-down live version from
the band’s MTV 52 Bands appearance. Making its debut on the EP will be a new
composition, “Mystery Man”; a live version of “Neighbors” recorded at the 40
Watt Club in Athens
rounds out the record.


Tomorrow, Oct. 24, the official “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”
page will be added to the official website – and it will be removed on Nov.11.


According to Gnarls, “The first time you hear ‘Who’s Gonna
Save My Soul’ it alters your chemistry. It’s a vulnerable song for tough times.
So far it’s been a cult hit. When people hear it, and they’ve got some grief in
their lives, they adore it.”



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