Miles Of Music Shuts Down



Americana retailer “calls a time-out”and “considers
the future.”


By Fred Mills


A collective gasp went up this morning when venerable
Americana/alt-country retail specialist Miles Of Music posted to its website news that it was shutting down. According to MoM head Jeff Weiss factors
involved in the decision – characterized as “a time-out” – included the current
state of the economy and changes in how consumers get their music. The
business, which started in 2001, was located in North
Hollywood and employed a staff of 8, serving customers in 26


Unfulfilled orders have been cancelled and refunds are being
issued. See the full post below.


For those not in the know, Miles Of Music was one of the
most enduring music portals for lovers o’ twang and it rode the alt-country
zeitgeist ushered in by No Depression,
connecting music fans with bands and artists while demonstrating a true
connoisseur’s appreciation of rock, folk, country, bluegrass and all things
rootsy. Whether you wanted a record by Steve Earle or some obscure artist from
the Netherlands,
chances are you could find it at MoM. Under the diligent watch of co-founders
Weiss and Corrie Gregory, MoM flourished even as it enriched a lot of lives.


Yours truly still remembers the cool little publication they
dubbed the “MoMzine” which they’d mail out every month or so. It was far more
than just a catalog – crammed with record reviews, artist profiles, cool trivia
and the like, it literally was a ‘zine, one that you’d hang on to and file away
for reference after you’d made your selections and mailed in your dough. Later,
Miles Of Music made a fairly seamless transition to the Internet and became a
leading purveyor of Americana
music long before anyone ever even heard of iTunes or MySpace music.


Musicians themselves consistently touted MoM as a retailer
to whom they could sell their wares and receive fair treatment and an honest
accounting. The company also went above and beyond in order to help the
artists, often providing them with a list of likely journalists and media
outlets that might be inclined to cover them. I’ll never forget the first time
I got a CD in the mail addressed to “Fred Mills – music writer and cool papa”:
The “cool papa” bit derived from a casual conversation I’d had in 2001 with one
of the MoM staffers about the then-recent birth of my son, and as a nice salute
that’s how they entered my name onto their media list that they circulated.


Well, from this so-called cool papa, on the behalf of BLURT
I extend my condolences to Miles Of Music and my sincere wishes that they are
able to return from their time-out bigger and stronger. Man cannot and should
not exist on a diet of iTunes alone.





From MoM’s Jeff


We aren’t throwing in the towel so much as calling a
time-out. For now, though, we are closed for business.

We’ve come to a pause in an era. The economy, the credit
crunch, the changing way people consume music have all lead us to today.

All existing orders have been cancelled. Orders paid by Paypal are being

Now is it time to clean up, clean out, and consider the future.

There are many terrific places to purchase music on-line. Please continue
supporting independent artists.



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