McCain Might Be “Crazy”


Pictured above: John
McSame and Sarah Van Palen, ready for some ultraviolence…


By Fred Mills


It’s true: we can see into the future. We’re even reading
newspapers from the future – specifically, the Asia Times, which posted a story online tomorrow (Oct. 15)
declaring (kinda) that John McCain has lost his marbles. Or, might be on the
verge of losing ‘em. And, if he does, he just might stand a chance of winning
the election.


Confused? We are too! But in a good way. In a story titled “McCain’s
next trick can win,” news analyst Muhammad Cohen speculates that despite the
candidate’s steadily dropping in the polls, “there’s still time for McCain to
turn things around, and at least some reasons to think he can.”


Among the proposed strategies:



  • Fire campaign
    manager Rick Davis, Steve Schmidt, his Karl Rove protege campaign
    strategist, and the rest of the George W. Bush hit squad piloting his
    train wreck.
  • Bring
    in someone who suggests adult supervision and is loyal only to McCain.
  • Extend
    the purge to vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin… she’s clearly part of
    the wrong direction McCain’s campaign has taken.
  • Instead
    of name calling and phony charges that lead everyone off-track, McCain
    should say he’ll talk about the real issues and his real solutions.
  • Find a
    big platform to admit he’s been untrue to himself by playing the Rove
    card, and that he regrets it.




Hey! Almost like a 12-step program!



“The political pros advise it is crazy to make change at this
late stage of the campaign,” concludes Cohen, of what McCain should say, “but
it’s even crazier to fail without being to true to lifelong principles.”



Come to think of it, we’d prefer McCain to keep pursuing the
same scorched-earth policy of the past couple of weeks. That proved he was not
only crazy but unprincipled as well – and we kinda like it that way.



We think we have a new theme song for the McCain campaign….





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