McCain Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight


There’s a fine line
between a smear campaign and an incitement to violence.


By Fred Mills


Filmmaker Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films has put
together a compilation video that presents in pretty stark terms the racist,
violence-tinged nastiness that’s been going on at McCain and Palin events.
Concurrently, has published an open letter to the campaign
demanding that they do something about it.


The letter reads, in part:



In the last few weeks, Senator McCain
and Governor Palin, rhetoric at your campaign events has taken an increasingly
dangerous tone that seems to ignore the precarious state of our progress when
it comes to race and ethnicity.


Supporters at your rallies and other
events have used hateful language and called for violence against Sen. Obama
yelling “kill him!” “off with his head!” and “bomb


For the most part, you have stood by
in silence. In addition, you have also repeatedly made statements that somehow
connect Senator Obama with terrorism. Your surrogates have emphasized his
middle name. This is problematic and dangerous, and we believe helps create the
conditions that have given rise to these incidents of violent rhetoric from
some of your supporters.


Today, we’re standing together as
Americans of all political persuasions to express our deep concern that the
decisions of your campaign are contributing to a dangerous atmosphere of
paranoia, division, and hate that, as we have already seen, has the potential
to seriously harm our country and its progress.


View the Greenwald video below.



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