Max Ochs Releases New Record


Old and New
Obscurities for your record collection.


By Brian Creech


Max Ochs, cousin of Texas
born protest singer Phil Ochs, recorded several guitar pieces, protest songs,
and spoken word poems throughout the lat 1960s. 
Specializing in primitive America music, label Tompkins Square,
has gathered together Max’s old and new recordings and will release Hooray for Another Day on November 18th,


The album features several spoken word pieces and poems from
the protest artist, his most famous recent composition, “Imaginational Anthem,”
and a new take on John Fahey’s
arrangement of “In Christ There Is No East or West.”    Also included is the poem “Phil,” dedicated to
Max’s late cousin. 


With the rise of freak-folk over the past few years, Max has
seen some late career resurgence, including a featured piece on NPR a few years
ago.  The self-effacing guitarist rarely
promotes himself, but bloggers have called the album “a gnarly east-meets-west
vibe mixed in with some mind-bending atmospherics and explorations.”



Track List:


1. Hooray For Another Day

2. Ain’t Nobody High Raga

3. Crows 4. Victor’s Rag

5. An Apple
Place in Annapolis

6. Imaginational Anthem

7. In Christ There Is No East or West

8. Muse Sick

9. Oncones

10. Phil

11. Raga Puti

12. Stranger



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