Lucinda Williams Writes of Mia Doi Todd




Williams pays homage
to Todd on “Rarity” from
Little Honey.

By Matthew Recchia


On Gea, Mia Doi Todd’s newest album, the
singer-songwriter taps into her expressionist and idealistic side to bring the
audience her most sensitive and passionate album yet. She probably didn’t
anticipate the affect it would have on Lucinda Williams.


In an interview with Newsday, Williams said that “Rarity”
from her new album Little Honey (Lost
Highway) was written for Todd, her fellow L.A. based singer-songwriter. “I
was just really impressed with her-how poetic her songs were, how sophisticated
her writing was, the beauty of her voice.”


Dealing with the destructive forces that surround a “lover
of life,” Todd’s lyrics show hints of the desperation and hopelessness that
follow a vulnerable, helpless romantic. From the opening strums of Todd’s
guitar, the album flows beautifully, accompanied by the beats of Andres Renteria’s hand drums and thumping bass lines from
Joshua Abrams. Instrumentalist/composer Miguel
Atwood-Ferguson also helps out by contributing the sounds of woodwinds,
brass, and string arrangements to add a mystical and organic element to the


The future looks bright for this
relentless romantic, who is off the road after an exhausting US tour that saw
her perform twenty-seven times in a span of thirty three days.


To listen to Mia or find information on upcoming
performances, check out her Myspace page or website.

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