Lips, Stipe, MMJ Write Protest Signs



That’s right: signs, not songs.

Brian Creech


was a time in American history when all you needed was a white sign, black
paint and some incendiary words to get people into the streets to tell their
leaders “We’re Not Gonna Take It!” Or as Wayne Coyne would say, “Just be a Nice
.” Or as Chuck D. would say, “Fight the Power.”


what is feeling like a ground swell of change as Election Day approaches, Under the Radar magazine got together
some of the more political and photogenic faces of rock and roll to make their
own protest signs and bring some attitude back to music. Sons and Daughters
capture the ethos of the project with their sign “Stop Neuterin’ Rock N’ Roll.”


Stipe, Chris Walla, Colin Meloy, Isaac Brock, Stars, Jarvis Cocker, Akron/Family,
Peter Moren, Supergrass, Sharon Jones, Spoon, the Fleet Foxes, My Morning
Jacket, Stars, Noah and the Whale, 
Michael Franti, Neon Neon, Les Savy Fav, 
Okkervil River, Metric, British Sea Power, Shout Out Louds, Built to
Spill and St. Vincent and join Coyne and Chuck D in taking black paint to white


slogans range from the political to the personal, from Fleet Foxes’ direct
Capitalism is Unethical (And We’re Hypocrites)” to My Morning Jacket’s non sequitur “Puppiez y Kittens.”


though, you can tell where each artist stands, as the sign generally eschew
raucous platitudes to reflect messages we’re pretty sure each band would be
sure to endorse. (Michael Stipe’s “Gutless Puff Adder Journalists” with “things
I hate” written on the back seems particularly characteristic.) 


other people’s words into action, Under
The Radar
is taking all the signs from their “Protest Issue” and here and putting them up for auction on eBay. Proceeds from the sale will support
War Child,
a humanitarian organization that helps children affected by war throughout the
world. The auctions started on September 30th, with most bids starting at $25
or $50, but as of this writing, several signs had already exceeded $100. So if
you want to have a memento of a time when speech was free to show your
grandchildren in the future neo-fascist technocratic state, act fast.




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