Lily Allen’s "ethereal" New "Fuck You"


Lily Allen’s “Ethereal” new “Fuck You”




Lily, it’s not you,
it’s us…


By Blurt Staff


This just got slipped over the BLURT transom… honestly, we
don’t make this stuff up – “more ethereal songs” with titles like “Fuck You”?
“I’ve grown up a bit as a person” coming from a potty-mouthed lush like
Allen? You gotta be kidding us! While we’re on the subject, let’s revisit
those “Lily-as-topless-blonde” photos from awhile back:






Whee, she can fly, too! Okay, on to the press release on this artist of unusual diversity!




 On February 10th, 2009, Capitol Records will release It’s Not Me,
It’s You
, the follow-up to Lily Allen’s critically acclaimed
2007 debut, Alright, Still. Recorded at Eagle Rock Studios in Los Angeles, the album
finds Lily in top form, creating a record Blender’s recent “In
The Studio” feature described as “part God, part country and all
middle finger.” Allen wrote and recorded the album’s 12 songs
with producer Greg Kurstin (the bird and the bee), who worked with her on
three songs for Alright, Still – “Everything’s Just
Wonderful,” “Alfie” and “Not Big.”

     “We decided to try and make bigger sounding,
more ethereal songs, real songs,” says Lily, who will be touring
the U.S.
in the spring. “I wanted to work with one person from start to finish to
make it one body of work. I wanted it to feel like it had some sort of
integrity. I think I’ve grown up a bit as a person and I hope it reflects

     On It’s Not Me, It’s You, Lily’s characteristically sharp observations find expression in a variety of musical
styles, with influences ranging from the Jazz Era to country and western to
dance music. “Highlights include ‘Everyone’s at It,’ a synth-pop song
about prescription drugs that features Allen on xylophone; ‘He Wasn’t There,’
which matches emotional lyrics about her absent father to a jazz groove; and
‘Not Fair,’ a saucy country song about an inadequate lover,” said Rolling

    Often called the queen of MySpace – a reference to the
massive interest generated by early demos she posted on her page – Lily was hailed by NME as “the archetypal singer-songwriter for the
iPod generation” while The New York Times observed, “She
symbolizes a new blogging-age, middle-class girl: cockily ambitious,
skeptical yet enthusiastic, technically savvy, musically open, obsessed with
public expression and ready to fight back.” 

     After a release week performance on “Saturday
Night Live,” Alright, Still bowed at No. 20 on The Billboard
in February 2007. Certified Gold in the States, it has sold over 2.5
million copies worldwide. Allen, who was nominated for four Brit
awards, a GRAMMY® award and an MTV Video Music award, toured the U.S.
numerous times and appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay
Leno,”  “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and “TODAY.”
A succession of collaborations with artists including Robbie Williams, Mark
Ronson, Common, Dizzee Rascal, Jamie T and the Kaiser Chiefs further enhanced
Lily’s reputation as an artist of unusual diversity.

The track listing for It’s Not Me, It’s You is as follows:

1.    Everyone’s At It
2.    The Fear
3.    It’s Not Fair
4.    22
5.    I Could Say
6.    Go Back To the Start
7.    Never Gonna Happen
8.    Fuck You
9.    Who’d’ve Known
10.    Chinese
11.    Him
12.    He Wasn’t There



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