John Rotten: God Save the Cream! + Vid



Lydon does a butter
commercial and he means it, maaan…


By Fred Mills


The British media are reporting – aren’t you glad that
we check the British media each morning to see what they are reporting? it’s
all for YOU, dear readers – that John Lydon is shilling for a butter company
called Country Life.


That’s right, Johnny Rotten mean’s it, maaan: he’s
apparently filmed TV ads for Country Life, which will begin broadcasting them
soon. The company issued a press release about their choice of the “icon,” stating,
“We don’t think enough people know Country Life is the only major
British butter brand and John gets the message through loud and clear.He is seen
as a great British icon. His independent views are part of his consumer appeal
and his tongue-in-cheek sense of humour shines through in our TV


Added Lydon, noting that he’d never done a TV ad before,
“People know I only do things that I want to or that I believe in and I
have to do it my way. I’ve never done anything like this before and never
thought I would, but this Country Life ad was made for me and I couldn’t resist
the opportunity.”


Er, it might have something to do with the paycheck, too,
right, John?


Lydon, dressed in traditional tweed, is seen in a British
men’s club then roams around in the country and proposes reasons why he prefers
Country Life. The raucous rock music playing in the background is decidedly,
er, Sex Pistols-esque.


The company’s slogan: “It’s not about Great Britain,
it’s about Great Butter.”




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