John Paul Jones on Led Zep “Reunion”



Band’s bassist turns up the
volume, Plant or no Plant.


By Matthew



It’s almost
been a full year since one of history’s greatest rock n’ roll band, if not THE
greatest, reunited and rocked the O2 Arena in London. Since then, thousands of rumors have
leaked from magazines and the web reporting Led Zeppelin reunion shows and
tours in the United States.



thing they all had in common: Discussing the fate of (former) lead singer,
Robert Plant.



John Paul Jones put some of the rumors to rest, and added to others during a
Q&A session at the Mansons Guitar Show in Exeter, United Kingdom.
Headlining an impressive list of guests at an occasion labeled “the major
guitar event of 2008”, Jones confirmed that he, guitarist Jimmy Page, and
drummer Jason Bonham have been rehearsing with random singers and are hoping to
tour as soon as possible.



also touched on the Robert Plant fiasco while answering questions for fans.
From Jones’s point of view, Plant “really doesn’t want to make loud music
anymore”, and is more focused on continuing the success he and Allison Krauss
enjoyed from their debut acoustic album Raising



the main instigator of rumors about the band, has continuously denied reports
that he will tour if and when Led Zeppelin reunites (Blurt wonders: should it
still be considered a reunion if only half the band is reuniting?). Plant is
ready to take a break from touring for a couple years, and hopefully continue
to collaborate with Krauss in discovering the beauty of acoustic roots-oriented
music. On Sept. 29 he issued an official statement to that effect, adding “I
wish Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham nothing but success with any
future projects.”



left some things to mystery, like who the lead singer will be and where the
band will play when they begin to tour. As Jones put it, one thing is for sure:



it does come, it will come, and you’ll know about it”




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