HANK III is Number Two




Damn Right Rebel Proud debuts
at #2 on
Billboard country and #18 on
Top 200. Hail Satan!

By Randy Harward


There’s something special about the news that Hank III hittin’ number two on the Billboard country
and #18 on the publication’s
Top 200 with album number four, Damn
Right Rebel Proud
. This is a guy whose on-bus inner sanctum contains a
mason jar half-full of weed—which he gladly shared with Blurt while speaking of his distaste for cops, a trade paperback
copy of The Satanic Bible, rusty
dumbbells and scores of heavy metal CDs in stacks and scattered on the floor. And
he says in the album’s EPK (see it below) that “One song’s written and
dedicated for the outlaw scumfuck G.G. Allin…”


If he’s bubbling
under country fluff like current #1 shitkicker Kenny Chesney, and beats out
other vanilla-scented twangers like Carrie Underwood (#7), Sugarland (#3),
Faith Hill (#10), Taylor Swift (#6) and erstwhile Hootie, Darius Rucker
(#5—that’s right, vanilla), that’s
one big billboard sayin’ we may one day take country back from the poseurs.
Damn right, rebel proud!


Go get ‘em, III. Punch ‘em in the taint!


p.s. Don’t forget to go to www.reinstatehank.org and join
III’s fight to get his grandfather, Hank Sr., reinstated to the Grand Ole’
Opry. Stay tuned for tour dates in 2009.



Damn Right Rebel Proud



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