Free Music: Tim Fite says Trick or Treat!



Free music for all you
rock ‘n’ roll groovy ghoulies.


By Fred Mills


For one day only – that would be, like TODAY, Oct. 31 –
traveling troubadour Tim Fite is offering up some  twisted tuneage geared to Halloween. And the
MP3s are absolutely free: just go to and decide whether you want
the “Trick” or the “Treat” option (hint: you get music at one link, raisins at
the other, and who the hell wants raisins in their Halloween candy sack!).


And get this: he’s not only offering up a six-song digital
mini-album he’s calling the Ding Dong
EP, you can also nab last year’s goodies, the six-song It’s Only Ketchup. That’s 12 free MP3s
in all. We call it a bargain. Thanks, Tim.



who records for the esteemed Anti- label, is playing in Philly tonight, then
will be appearing Nov.8 at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. According to one BLURT correspondent,
“Fite is quite the entertainer. I saw him a few
years ago and he was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Part rapper, part
evangelist, part Jim Jones “here’s the Kool-aid” type, part
charismatic snake handling speaking in tongues character. Quite unique.”





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