EXCLUSIVE: Lost Lips DVD Extras



The Flaming Lips are
known for giving the people more than they expect—but alas, not all we want.

By Randy Harward


You’ve already read about (or watched Wayne Coyne’s video explaining–it’s below) the exciting, completely expected,
mega-deluxe edition of the Flaming Lips’ Christmas
on Mars
DVD that comes out on 11/11. You may even be justifying the expense
to your wife or mother. Or just rolling up the sleeve for another plasma
donation. Anything to get your hands on a movie, T-shirt, popcorn box “with
real Flaming Lips popcorn,” fake (replica) tickets, Lips trading cards, “Eat
Your Own Spaceship” bumper sticker and—maybe, just maybe—one of ten golden
tickets that will land you in the audience at the Lips’ New Years’ Eve show in
Oklahoma. So is the Blurt staff.



Well, what would you do if the mega-deluxe edition contained more and better
stuff? What if everything discussed in the initial meetings actually made it to
the final product? What would you do then? Knowing ourselves as we do, we
shudder to think of the drastic, desperate actions we’d take to procure the
items on this list, anonymously provided to Blurt in the wee hours of today.


         A lock of Drozd’s hair

         A lock of Santa’s back hair

         Fred Armisen voicemail greetings, including “Cosmic
reality is a motherfucker!”

         Wax lips painted black with flames a la Big Daddy Roth,
then dipped in mescaline

         Five golden things

         Miniature jar of mint petroleum jelly with a portion of
the skinned baby lamb from Eraserhead.

         Rolling papers made from band members’ sloughed off skin

         Some of what they’re smoking

         1/8-ounce vial of Wayne Coyne’s cerebrospinal fluid on
Boondoggle lanyard made by Jesus (or Jeebus)

         X-ray Spex (real)

         Download code for new Hinder album

         Make-your-own-swirly-colored-vinyl kit

         Michael Ivins Chia Pet

         Flaming Lips fleece throw and hot cocoa mug and lost
John Grisham novel from his “caffeine days.”

         Clips from assorted Flaming Lips TV appearances,
including Dr. Phil, The View, Oprah, Crossing Over with
John Edward
, Scare Tactics, Family Feud, and Band vs. Wild


Alas, we’ll never lay our greedy
little hands on such treasures. Unless, Blurt readers, you’d entertain a scavenger hunt? If anyone can provide all of the
things on the list, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.



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