Ex-Boggs Hundred in the Hands Debut


Boggs break-up and present
their contender for the worst band name of 2008. 


By Brian Creech



Out of the ashes of the recently departed Boggs comes The Hundred
in the Hands, featuring Jason Friedman and Eleanore Everdell.  Friedman put the Boggs to rest after a late
2007 tour and studio collaboration with Everdell.  The fruits of their labor are available for
free download, the companion singles “Dressed in Dresden”
and “Undressed in Dresden.”  Everdell feature prominently on the vocals as
fractured guitars race around each other. 



Friedman said of the collaboration, “In the past, the
collaborators I worked with would adjust what they did to fit my vision.
Working with Eleanore it was clear that the time had come to shift into a more
equal partnership.”  Aside from the
singles and two accompanying videos, the Hundred in the Hands are also
producing THITH Zine
. It bills itself as a collection of, “stories,
conversations & reviews about music & more,” but in reality plays more
like a bit of garden-variety self-promotion.



Overall, the new music is a bit bratty, but consistently
energetic.  Everdell’s vocals sound
pleasant overall, like sprinkles on top of some vaguely new-wave frozen yogurt
from TCBY. 



As of this writing the singles aren’t  available as promised, but the videos are
and  can be seen HERE.




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