Dennis Hopper Prays to God Obama Wins



Bush administration’s
“lies” gets his motor running…


By Fred Mills


This year’s election ain’t no easy ride, and legendary actor
Dennis Hopper apparently realizes just that. Long admired for his screen work –
by most estimations, one of the original mavericks,
too, the kind that makes John McSame look like Howdy Doody  – but long reviled for his Republican politics
and unwavering (until now) support for George Bush, Hopper is in the news today
for coming out in favor of Obama
, citing the Bush administration’s “lies” as
his reason for switching from red to blue.


Speaking to journalists in France
at a career overview Hopper said, “I voted for Bush, father and son, but
this time I’ll vote for Obama. I was the first person in my family to have been
Republican. For most of my life I wasn’t on the left.


“I pray God, Barack Obama is elected.”


We do too, Billy. Captain America
loves ya.


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