Cassettes W.L. Mashup GNR, Ludacris


That sound? A brace of
Axl Rose’s lawyers banging on CWL’s door…


By Fred Mills



Ludacris Democracy is the name, and giving it away for free is the game, according to the
ever-zany Cassettes Won’t Listen.



The band has created a mashup of Ludacris with Guns N. Roses
– “one of the most highly anticipated albums of all time,” they describe it,
and we think they mean Chinese Democracy and
not the mashup, but either works for us.


 According to the
band, “In celebration of new albums from both Guns n’ Roses and Ludacris next
month, Cassettes Won’t Listen offers up this 9 song free (for experimental
purposes only) album featuring classic tracks from the Atlanta MC set to 9
previously leaked Chinese Democracy tracks.


Er, we smell a lawsuit from the Gunners’ camp very soon…. So
better hit this link fast:

Download the full release for FREE at

Whoops – you were too slow. Sorry pal. The page you’re viewing now hosts a
cease-and-desist letter from the RIAA that reads, in part, “Dear Sir or Madam.
I am contacting you on behalf of the RIAA… We believe your server is hosting… a
sound recording for download by the artists known as Guns N’ Roses and
Ludacris… We have good faith belief that the above-referenced activity is not
authorized by the copyright owner…. We request that you remove the infringing
file from the system [or] you may be liable for… damages.”



As CWL says on the second page of the site, “Sorry. It’s out
there somewhere.”



And that’s why God created bit torrents. Let the file
sharing begin! Nice publicity stunt for CWL, however….







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