Casper & the Cookies Early Exclusives



Three songs from Modern Silence coming
via music blogs. First one’s up.

By Matthew


Casper & the Cookies third album, Modern
, is due to hit shelves anytime between now and the end of the year,
the band has decided to release three exclusive tracks online to the public
early. Each week in October, the band will release a new track on different
sites to promote their new album.


Modern Silence has been nine months in the making, and comes almost two
years after the band’s previous album, The
Optimist’s Club
. As for the origin of the name of the album, Jason NeSmith
explains it as “a phrase that evokes a number of themes. We used most of them:
awkward long distance phone calls, language barriers, social anxiety, absence
(or a general lack of presence), a sudden numbing realization that one can no
longer think of oneself as a good person, extraterrestrial friendship, and of
course jazz-mime.”


after a tour of
Japan, the band plans to hit the
road again in 2009 to support Modern


exclusive tracks and release dates are listed below, along with where you
can find them.


Three Imaginary Girls (

Optical Atlas (

You Ain’t No Picasso (



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