Blues Label Black Top Catalog Reissued


Music, via Hep Cat
Records, testifies for the blues once again…


By Mandy Rodgers



Founded in 1981 by Nauman S. Scott III and Hammond Scott,
Black Top Records has been an influential blues and R&B record label since
its inception, issuing more than a hundred albums. The label eventually folded
in 1999, and three years after that Nauman Scott passed away. Since then some
of the back catalog has been picked up for reissue, but now Hep Cat Records, an
imprint of reissue specialists Collectors’ Choice, aims for a comprehensive
resurrection of the label.



As Black Top’s first release was Anson Funderburgh & the
Rockets’ Talk to You By Hand (1981),
the  new reissue series begins,
fittingly, with that album and others from James Harman Band, Rick “LA Holmes”
Holmstrom, Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers and Ronnie Earl & the



On October 28, five more singles are joining the list of
those reissued. Some of the albums set to be reissued are Do Not Disturb (James Harman Band), She Knocks Me Out (Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets), Soul Searching (Ronnie Earl & the
Broadcasters) and My Love is Here to Stay (Sam Myers & Anson Funderburgh).


You can pick up the reissues at the Collectors’ Choice
website. Just go to the Hep Cat page.



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