Black Angels, Dead Meadow Headline Clean Air Clear Stars





Goldrush, Miranda Lee
Richards, Hopewell and others on bill to support and protect Joshua Tree
National Park.

By Blurt Staff


The Black Angels and Dead Meadow will headline the second
annual Clean Air, Clear Stars Music Festival in Pioneertown, CA Oct. 10-12. The
festival benefits Global Inheritance, a 501 (c)3 organization that “creates
inspirational and educational programs to further environmental awareness with
the goal of reversing the effects of global warming and encouraging positive
action for a sustainable future.” The fest will feature two dozen other bands
including Goldrush, Hopewell and Miranda Lee Richards, as well as the cryptic,
tantalizing “special guests.”


Clean Air, Clear Stars was founded as a reaction to the July
2006 Sawtooth wildfire that burned over 61,000 acres and destroyed over 200
homes and businesses in Joshua Tree National Park and Pioneertown. Presale
tickets ( for the event are $40 for the weekend, and $15 for
a day pass. Camping accommodations will also be available, please check the
website for details.


“Last year was an inspiring and monumental experience,” says
key organizer and Sky Parade vocalist Tommy Dietrick. “People’s attitudes
toward the challenges we face today are resonating throughout our music
community. It’s this kind of unity that proves we can make a difference when we
continue on a path of personal responsibility, determination and hope. What
makes this festival so unique is its’ grass roots nature and the willingness
for change that it represents. The modern revolution of our generation is to
take us off this path over-consumption, greed and waste. Our goal is to shift
individual habits as well as raise a unified voice to those in industry and the
government who continue to choose to pollute our Earth with insufficient
standards and legislation that panders to the conglomerate elite.”


CACS will also host a kick off party on Thurs Oct 9th at
Spaceland with performances from Sky Parade, Hopewell and Swoon 23. Admission
will be free for all artists whom are donating their time to perform at the
festival. Full lineup:


Friday Oct 10th

Mere Mortals

LSD and the Search for God

Lower Heaven

Dead Meadow

Acoustic after-hours
CB Brand, and He’s My Brother She’s My Sister.


Saturday Oct 11th

The Black Pine

Fauna Valetta



War Paint


Eskimo Hunter

Swoon 23

The Black Angels

Acoustic stage: Miranda Lee Richards, Cat Martino, Wayne Everett, and Highway.


Sunday Oct 12th

Chief Nowhere

Golden Animals

Sundown Machine


Silver Rockets

Mezzanine Owls


“Special Guests”




About Global Inheritance:


Global Inheritance is an organization working to recreate
activism for today’s young generation. Their initiatives focus on the power of
creativity to communicate and pus for progressive social change while rejecting
conflict. For further information please visit



About the Endangerment of Joshua Tree National Park:


Joshua Tree National Park ranks as one of the most
endangered national parks in the U.S. according to environmental groups.
Relying on a particular set of weather conditions and well-timed rains, Joshua
trees have managed to survive for centuries in the Mohave desert, the only
place on the planet that the large yucca species can be found. The slightest
disruption in the fragile eco-system would devastate the delicate desert
habitat and destroy  all of the native
inhabitants and plants, including the trees which are necessary to the survival
of a variety of wildlife.



With the acceleration of global warming, climate change
directly impacts the dry areas of the American Southwest and the desert
ecosystems will be the first to experience the impact of water shortages which
will reduce plant and insect populations and in turn accelerate the fire cycle.
The increase in greenhouse gases and elevated air pollution have also
contributed to the proliferation of an invasive weed known as Red Brome which is
new to the area, and in part suspected to be a contributing factor to the
expanding fires within the region.



For further information, please visit:


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