Ben Taylor Vlog 1


Please welcome to the BLURT stable of bloggers Benjamin Taylor, and yes, it is indeed that Benjamin Taylor – son of James Taylor and Carly Simon. Don’t let the rock royalty lineage fool ya, however; for some time now Benjamin’s been busy carving out a unique niche for himself in the music world, most notably on his just-released album The Legend of Kung Folk Part 1 (The Killing Bite) (Iris Reccords), which as Taylor himself says, puts the “kick” back into folk music.


You can also get your kicks with Taylor via his new video blog wherein he holds forth on everything from the curious title he gave his album to John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain to whether or not he ever stared longingly at his mom’s album covers. (The answer to the latter comes pretty quickly and succinctly, by the way. Just in case you’re wondering.)


You can buy Ben Taylor’s new album The Legends of Kung Folk at www.DocuTunes.TV

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