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Plexifilm will release
documentary theatrically this Fall, on DVD Nov. 18

By Blurt Staff


Plexifilm has announced Fall theatrical release and a Nov.
18 DVD date for Wild Combination: A
Portrait of Arthur Russell
, Matt Wolf’s documentary about the prolific late
singer-songwriter-composer-cellist-producer. The film will be bolstered by commentary
from Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass, and “other Russell collaborators and loved ones,
as well as 65 minutes of rare bonus material including 25 minutes of archival
performance footage, footage of Ginsberg chanting a mantra at Russell’s
funeral, an audio letter from Russell to his parents, and covers of Russell
songs by Jens Lekman, Verity of Electrelane, Joel Gibb of Hidden Cameras, and
Arthur’s Landing.


From the press release:


Before his untimely
death from AIDS in 1992, Arthur Russell prolifically created music that spanned
an extraordinary diversity of styles and won the love of artistic communities
that would seem utterly disparate. His collaborators and most ardent supporters
ranged from Philip Glass and Allen Ginsberg to rock bands like The Talking
Heads and The Modern Lovers; the pre-Studio 54 disco-party scene of Nicky
Siano’s Gallery and David Mancuso’s Loft; and DJ-producers like Francois
Kevorkian and Larry Levan, among others.


Just as Russell’s
music had a relevance much broader than the avant-garde, Matt Wolf’s film about
Wild Combination, appeals much
more universally than just to fans of Russell’s music. It is a universally
resonant love story, a film about the experience of being gay and confronting
AIDS, a document of the compelling cultural history of New York in the 1970s
and ‘80s, and a testament to the cathartic process of making art and pursuing popular
success at a time when those goals were mutually attainable.


Since its world
premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival—in festivals including the
Edinburgh Film Festival, among many others around the world—Wild Combination
has garnered considerable critical praise. Filmmaker just named Wolf one of 25
New Faces of Independent Film. Amy Taubin of Film Comment called Wild
Combination a “finely tuned, remarkably affecting and informative portrait.”
The Los Angeles Times called it “resourceful and refreshingly
a rich, complicated






• Rare archival footage of two full-length live
performances, “Soon To Be Innocent Fun/ Let’s See” (1985) and “Calling All
Kids” (1989)

• Allen Ginsberg: A Memorial for Arthur Russell (1992)

• 1970 recording of an audiocassette letter sent from Arthur
in San Francisco to his parents

• Tribute performances of Arthur Russell songs by Jens
Lekman, Verity Susman (Electrelane), Joel Gibb (Hidden Cameras), and Arthur’s
Landing (Ernie Brooks of Modern Lovers, Joyce Bowden, and Steven Hall)




USA, 2008, 71 minutes (+65 minutes of extras), English,
Color, HD, Super8, VHS, 1.78:1 (original ratio), Widescreen, 5.1 Surround,
Dolby Digital, NR, NTSC

Catalog # PLX-033 UPC: 82354004620 Price: $24.99


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