50th Anniversary for Warner Bros.



Celebrations in store
for the company’s founding


By Mandy Rodgers


On Dec. 9 Warner Bros. Records is set to release Revolutions of Sound in honor of its
fifty year anniversary. Jack Warner founded the company fifty years ago, and
after Frank Sinatra’s Reprise label joined the group in 1963, the popularity
and success of Warner Bros. Records grew through the next five decades.



Revolutions of Sound is a special package consisting of a 240-page book and a USB flash drive
featuring 320 recordings from the company’s history highlighting the entire
duration of Warner Bros. Records. The book contains interviews, photographs and
stories about writing and creating the hit songs from the label and is written by
music historian Warren Zanes. The flash drive is shaped like the Warner Bros.
logo and gives listeners the same amount of music as a 20-CD collection. Any
music from Warner Bros., Reprise and Sire is fare game or other related labels
from 1958 to now.



The eclectic list of artists found on the extensive
compilation goes on and on but contains Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Red Hot Chili
Peppers, Big & Rich, Faith Hill, Alanis Morrisette, Cher, Eric Clapton and
Linkin Park, to name a few.



The title “Revolutions of Sound” will also be found on
Warner Bros. fall releases, giving more exposure to the golden anniversary. Also,
early next year (scheduled for February) a follow-up album to Revolutions of Sound hits shelves. The
title and artists involved in this compilation of Warner Bros. classics
performed by contemporary artists will soon be revealed.




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