Yahowa 13/Source Family Reunion CD Due


Literally, the
best reunion album of all time!

By Fred Mills

Awhile back we told you the tale of the Source Family, an L.A.-based (later
Hawaii) commune of the early ‘70s whose spiritual guru, Father Yod, shepherded
the young people of the group, additionally operating the popular Source health
food restaurant and frequently fronting the in-house rock band, the
mega-psychedelic Yahowa 13. (Go HERE to read our review of the recent book
about the family, The Source: The Untold
Story of Father Yod, Yahowa 13 and the Source Family



Now comes word of the imminent release of Sonic Portation featuring a re-formed Yahowa
13, due Oct. 23 on Prophase/MVD Audio. Of the live reunion that took place last
November, the L.A. Times sagely
that the band “makes Devendra Banhart look like Don Rumsfeld…
the surviving members of the group reformed
Friday night at the Echoplex and proudly revisited an era when belonging to the
counter-culture took a bit more commitment than joining a Facebook group.Ya Ho
Wa 13’s music is purposefully obtuse and hypnotic — tribal drums, sawing
violins and group chanting made up on the spot — but it’s nothing you can’t
get from Animal Collective or Soft Circle today. The difference is that Ya Ho Wa
13 really, really means it.”



The scoop on the CD, directly from the label:




Back in the early 70s a curious group owned and operated a health food
restaurant in Los Angles. The Source Family was a religious group of young
people centered around the father figure of Father Yod, a WWII flying ace and
spiritual searcher. This group of young people also performed improvisational
music backing Father Yod under the name Yahowa 13. When Father Yod died in a
hang gliding accident in 1975, the group dispersed.


In 2007, with the publishing of a book about the Source Family, the
original Yahowa 13 reunited for some shows and did some studio recordings.
These are the long awaited results, the first studio recordings in over 30
years by Yahowa 13! Original members Djin, Octavius and Sunflower jam out like
the ensuing years never happened. Incredible improv pieces with mind melting
guitar and the psychedelic low end throb that all Yod fans will immediately
recognize. Literally, the best reunion album of all time!




Track Listing:


Eah O Shin

Raga Nova

Yod Hey Vau Hey

Travelin Ohm

Big Qundalini

In And Out




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