Warren Zevon Gets Deluxe Reissue Treatment



Self-titled mid’70s
album oftenr overlooked but highly regarded.


By Blurt Staff

November 11 will bring a much anticipated “collector’s edition” of the late Warren
Zevon’s self-titled major label debut from Rhino Records. 1976’s Warren Zevon, originally issued by
Asylum Records, will include the original album remastered, along with a bonus
disc filled entirely with unreleased demos and alternate versions of album

The story behind the album is intriguing: Zevon moved to Spain in the summer of 1975,
dropping out of the music business after nearly a decade. During his
self-imposed exile, he performed regularly at the Dubliner, a colorful bar
owned by a former mercenary who helped Zevon pen the classic, “Roland The
Headless Thompson Gunner.” Zevon’s luck changed when his friend Jackson
Browne contacted about a recording deal; he ultimatedly signed with Asylum in ’75
and got to work on an album.  


Browne produced the album and also enlisted some of the West Coast’s biggest
names to help out on the album, including members of the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac,
David Lindley and J.D. Souther. Providing Zevon with an outlet for his pent-up
creativity, he unleashed a barrage of sharply observed songs that pulse with
dark wit and sophisticated melodies. Many of his best-known tracks are included
here, such as “Hasten Down The Wind,” “Poor Poor Pitiful
Me,” “Carmelita” and “Mohammed’s Radio” — all of
which  were later covered by Linda
Ronstadt. The album also contains “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead,”
“Frank And Jesse James” and “Desperados Under The Eaves,” a
song Zevon wrote about staying at the Hollywood Hawaiian Motel with no way to
pay his bill.


The bonus disc uncovers 15 unreleased tracks, including different versions  of every song on the album. Several demos
capture Zevon alone at the piano, including a poignant take on “Frank And
Jesse James,” a song he wrote while touring with the Everly Brothers. A
demo Zevon recorded for “Hasten Down The Wind” features a full band.
In addition, the collection presents alternate versions of “Poor Poor
Pitiful Me” and “Carmelita” along with different takes from the
sessions for “Join Me In L.A.” and “Desperados Under The
Eaves.” The live bonus track of “Mama Couldn’t Be Persuaded” was
recorded in October 1976 during an appearance on the Cleveland radio station, WMMS.

Track Listing
Disc 1

1. “Frank And Jesse James”
2. “Mama Couldn’t Be Persuaded”
3. “Backs Turned Looking Down The Path”
4. “Hasten Down The Wind”
5. “Poor Poor Pitiful Me”
6. “The French Inhaler”
7. “Mohammed’s Radio”
8. “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”
9. “Carmelita”
10. “Join Me In L.A.”
11. “Desperados Under The Eaves”
Disc 2 (Previously Unissued)

1. “Frank And Jesse James” (Solo Piano Demo)
2. “The French Inhaler” (Solo Piano Demo)
3. “Hasten Down The Wind” (Band Demo)
4. “Carmelita” (1974 Demo)
5. “Mohammed’s Radio” (Solo Piano Demo)
6. “Backs Turned Looking Down The Path” (Take 1 – 1/28/76)
7. “Join Me In L.A.”
(Take 2 – 11/20/75)
8. “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” (Alternate Version)
9. “Frank And Jesse James” (Alternate Version)
10. “Mohammed’s Radio” (Take 2 – 11/6/75)
11. “The French Inhaler” (Take 1 – 1/13/76)
12. “Carmelita” (Alternate Version)
13. “Desperados Under The Eaves” (Take 2 – 1/13/76)
14. “Mama Couldn’t Be Persuaded” (Live WMMS 10/13/76)
15. “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” (Alternate Version)



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