Vincent Gallo To Tour RRIICCEE Again



Famed actor-director gets his
musical mojo working once more

By Fred Mills



Actor/director/artist/musician Vincent Gallo is taking hit band
RRIICCEE on the road again for a couple of weeks, starting Sept. 24 in New York. Who or what is
RRIICCEE, you ask? For starters, you can consult the group’s official website or its MySpace page to get the scoop on Gallo and co-conspirators Nikolai and
Simon Haas.


Not that Gallo needs any
introduction: he’s behind the films Buffalo 66 and The Brown Bunny and has released two solo albums on Warp
Records, and at one point he also collaborated with the artist Jean-Michel
Basquiat in the New York
no-wave musical group Gray. 


According to the RRIICCEE
camp, the group conceives itself as “a spontaneous collective between the
musicians and exhibit’s the creation of composition within a live
performance.  For all appearances, the outfit does not perform pre-written
music and is not limited to the boundaries of one specific musical genre.” You
may recall that BLURT’s immediate predecessor, Harp magazine, ran a story on RRIICCEE back in our Jan/Feb issue. In
it, Gallo was asked the significance of the band name, to which he replied,
succinctly, “RRIICCEE doesn’t stand for anything. The whole concept was to make
something that was free of something so small minded as standing for something.
I mean, how much profound vision can one person have that they can actually
name themselves something that would carry out half their small experience at
that time?”


So there you have it.


Perversely, the group has
neither any extant recordings nor plans do a commercial release, so your only
way to experience it is in the live setting.   At the present time,
RRIICCEE has no recorded music and has no plans on recording a commercial



Tour Dates:



September 24th New York, NY
Hiro Ballroom

September 25th Buffalo, NY

September 26th Pittsburgh, PA Garfield Artworks

September 27th Pontiac, MI The Crofoot Ballroom

September 28th Cleveland, OH
Beachland Ballroom

September 29th Milwaukee, WI
Shank Hall

September 30th St. Paul, MN
Turf Club

October 3rd Portland, OR Mission

October 5th Santa Barbara, CA SOHO




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