U2 Fans For Obama Stump For Bono! (almost…)


Paint the White House
green… Irish green… green beer…

By Fred Mills


Only partially deterred by that that little technicality of
U.S. law that requires all presidential candidates to be native-born Americans,
a group of U2 fans who would otherwise be pumping cash into Bono’s run for the
White House have been funneling their funds and their energies in the direction
of Barack Obama.


U2 Fans for Obama, which boasts 126 core members, has organized
some 654 fundraisers during the campaign season thus far, resulting in nearly $18,000
for Obama. They also list as having attended 3,016 events, made 6,865 phone
calls, knocked on 37 doors, and made10,268 blog posts. (Wait – only 37 doors?)


In a report about the campaign and various candidates’
musical connections and preferences filed by Britain’s
Times Online
, the group of fans have
stated on their website and blog that “since Bono can’t run for US president,
Obama is the next best thing… [We] see in Obama a progressive Christian who
embodies the ideas and sentiments . . . so compelling in U2’s music.”


On the group’s blog, a general mission-statement post from
early 2007 reads thusly:



I just wanted to say thank you for
joining U2 fans for Obama 08.  And, while I’m thrilled that each of you
has joined, I’m a bit disappointed that there aren’t more of us.  Yes, I
know the campaign has just begun, and I know this is what one might call a
“niche group” (thank you, James), but I also know that we can’t be
the only ones who see the Obama/U2 connection!  So tell your friends and
get them to join us. 

And if you’ve got any ideas about how
to drum up more members, please let me know, or go ahead and try them. 
I’ve posted an invitation on the forums at interference.com (the U2 fan club
site), for example. Finally, if you can think of other ways we can make U2
fans for Obama 08 one of the most active, innovative, and impressive groups on
mybarackobama.com, please share them.  Feel free to add to the blog or
email me.In the meantime, take care and keep the hope alive.



Obama, of course, hasn’t shied away thus far from co-opting
U2 music during his campaign (and no one from the band’s camp has complained
yet, either): at the DNC last week he used both “City Of Blinding Lights” and “Beautiful Day” during
his acceptance speech. Which, I might add, is a good bit cooler than using some cracker anthem that the country-ass likes of, I dunno, Brooks & Dunn might
offer up….





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