Sweden-N'awlins: Theresa Andersson Tours



didn’t mention it in the CD review, but her album is going to wind up in BLURT’s
Top 20 this year…


By Fred Mills


New Orleans
– by way of Sweden
– songbird Theresa Andersson is on the road with her acclaimed Hummingbird, Go! album now through
mid-November; on selected dates she’ll be joined by her friends and homelanders
Ane Brune and Tobias Froberg.


No less an, uhh, authority than
your friendly neighborhood BLURT recently gave it a nine-star review, citing
the songbird’s “undeniable earthiness and primal power” that channels both the
polyglot musicality of her adopted hometown (she’s lived in the Crescent City
since 1990, at the age of 18) and the contemporary, all-over-the-map indiepop
sound Sweden. She’s a cross between Kate Bush, Feist, Joan Osborne, Duffy and
Tori Amos.


Check her MySpace page for more bio
info and sound samples.


All the more remarkable: the
cinematic-sounding album was recorded almost entirely in her kitchen, with
Swedish producer Tobias Froberg helping bring the project to fruition. Her
shows have been described as “little masterpieces of functional choreography,”
which is to say: check out the astounding, much-viewed home video posted below
the tour dates if you want to get a sense of where she’s coming from. That’s a
lot of music coming from just one throat, two hands, and a pair of bare feet.


Wait for the moment near the end
when she picks up her violin (her main instrument, if you can dig that) – it’ll
bring tears to your eyes.



Theresa Andersson Tour Dates:



Sep 30 2008    10:45P

            DC9    Washington DC, Washington

Oct 2 2008      9:00P

Wolf (NOLA INDIE ROCK FEST DAY 1 w/ The City Life, Big Blue Marble & MOD
Dance Party DJs)       New
Orleans, Louisiana

Oct 3 2008      7:00P

Metairie – In store performance         Metairie, Louisiana

Oct 5 2008      5:00P

            Bayfest –
Launching Pad Stage          Mobile, Alabama

Oct 9 2008      10:30P

Fingerz             Little Rock, Arkansas

Oct 10 2008    10:00P

            Two Stick
Sushi          Oxford,

Oct 12 2008    8:00P

Belcourt Theatre (w/The Everybodyfields)         Nashville, Tennessee

Oct 18 2008    8:00P

            The Grey
Eagle (w/Seth Kauffman)   Asheville,
North Carolina

Oct 19 2008    8:15P

Lounge           Charlottesville, Virginia

Oct 22 2008    9:00P

            Living Room
(CMJ SHOWCASE w/Ane Brun, Tobias Froberg & The Real Ones)             New York, New York

Oct 23 2008    8:00P

            Tin Angel
(w/ Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg)   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Oct 24 2008    9:00P

            IOTA Club
& Cafe (w/ Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg)            Arlington, Virginia

Oct 25 2008    7:30P

Theatre (w/ Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg)     Norfolk, Virginia

Oct 28 2008    8:00P

Basement             Nashville, Tennessee

Oct 29 2008    10:45P

Street Tavern (The Buddha Den Presents)       Dayton, Ohio

Oct 30 2008    9:00P

Restaurant            Indianapolis, Indiana

Nov 1 2008     7:00P

            Schubas (w/
Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg)      Chicago, Illinois

Nov 6 2008     9:00P

            London Music Club (w/Tobias Froberg)        London,

Nov 7 2008     8:45P

            El Mocambo
(w/ Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg)          Toronto, Ontario

Nov 8 2008     8:00P

            Les Saints
(w/Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg)   Montreal, Quebec

Nov 10 2008   10:00P

            Great Scott
(w/Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg)             Allston,

Nov 12 2008   9:15P

            Union Hall
(w/Ane Brun & Tobias Froberg) Brooklyn, New




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