Streets Drop “everything” on Oct. 7

Contemplating life and, uhh, some other stuff.

By Fred


Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, will
issue album number four, everything is borrowed, October 7 via Vice. Skinner
is “contemplating the impermanent nature of life this time around,” advises his
label, going on to add that he’s “made a record to console the lonely and bring
a smile to the saddest visage.”


Er, right.


Wielding live instruments, the
British hip-hopper tackles on the album religion (“Alleged Legends”),
evolution (“The Way of the Dodo”), biological destiny (“On the
Edge of a Cliff”), and male friendship (“The Sherry End”). Yes,
our little Mikey has grown up an got hisself and ed-u-CA-shun. No more bitches
and blow – that’s so, like, 2005.


In all seriousness, though, the
Streets got cred: Skinner debuted with the Mercury Prize-nominated debut Original Pirate Material, and regardless of people’s initial impressions of
him (black or white? from London or the Midlands? serious or a joker?), he’s lasted long enough
to be considered in da game for life. So he can rap about whatever the hell he
wants to.

Watch “The Escapist” video and receive a free download of the track:




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