Springsteen For the Super Bowl


Sure won’t be playing “Born
In The U.S.A.”
unless he wants his head handed to him by all those drunk flag-hugging football


By Fred Mills


Selling out or buying in? While being tapped to play the
halftime show at the Super Bowl is certainly considered prestigious, over the
years it’s also become a source of snarky derision for a lot of music fans.


Quick, give yourself this little test: what songs, and/or
what particular staging spectacle, did Tom Petty (who performed the honors this
year in front of 148 million couch potatos), the Stones, Sir Paul, Prince,
Janet Jackson and U2 do at their Super Bowl slots? If the only one you can
reliably recall is Janet Jackson (“Bob, I’ll take ‘Janet Jackson’s tit’ for
$100…”) from 2004, then you probably understand what we’re saying.


At any rate Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be
the 2009 Super Bowl entertainment. He’ll hit the stage sometime during the
evening of Feb. 1 in Tampa,
and depending on who the match-up comes down to, he’ll probably play “Promised
Land,” “Born to Run” or “You Can Look But You Better Not Touch.” Or maybe not….


Can we have a Boss bobblehead?



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