Shaggs’ Rare 2nd LP Finally On CD!


Still better than the
Beatles… tuning their songs in the key of Z…

By Fred Mills


And then there were – the Shaggs. You know, the female combo from the late ’60s and early ’70s that thrilled fans of garage rock and outsider music, and that appalled
pretty much everyone else on the planet. (You know which camp we fall in,
however.) No less than Frank Zappa proclaimed them to be “the missing link
between Fanny and Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band.” You know you
can trust Frank.


Let’s just go straight to Wikipedia for the scoop – or if
you’re in a hurry, here’s the general overview:




The Shaggs were an
American all-female rock group formed in Fremont,
New Hampshire in 1968. The band
was composed of sisters Dorothy “Dot” Wiggin (vocals/lead guitar),
Betty Wiggin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Helen Wiggin (drums), and later Rachel
Wiggin (bass).


The Shaggs were formed
by Dot, Betty, and Helen in 1968 on the insistence of their father, Austin
Wiggin, who believed that his mother foresaw the band’s rise to stardom. The
band’s only studio album,
Philosophy of the World, was released in 1969. The album failed to garner attention, though
the band continued to exist as a locally popular live act. The Shaggs disbanded
in 1975 after the death of Austin.


As the obscure LP
achieved recognition among collectors, the band was praised for their raw,
intuitive composition style and lyrical honesty.
Philosophy of the World was later reissued, and the compilation Shaggs’
Own Thing was released in 1982. The
Shaggs are now seen as a groundbreaking outsider music group.



Now comes word that Shaggs’
Own Thing
– produced by none other than Terry Adams of NRBQ – has been
reissued in Japan
on CD. It boasts the original sleeve artwork and comes as a mini-LP cardboard
sleeve design. (Don’t ditch those obi strips, collectors.)


And whattaya know, you can order it from our good friends at
NRBQ! Just click on over to the NRBQ Store, while supplies last. Operators are standing
by to take your shopping cart.



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