Sarah Van Palen in Sleazy Music Video


Believe it or not,
Republicans masturbate too.

By Fred Mills


Whoops! Sorry about that headline. It’s a misprint. We meant


But hey, each time we hear the aspiring Veep’s name
mentioned on the radio or TV, we can’t help thinking about our fave rock group
Van Halen. And each time we see yet another photo of Sarah Barracuda rockin’
that prim-but-sexy-teacher image, we can’t help but thinking of our fave Van
Halen video, “Hot For Teacher.”


Ergo, see below. Apologies for the poor dubbing.


Meanwhile, we also think you should read what the great
Gloria Steinem had to say about John McSame’s choice of running mate last week.
Check out her editorial in the Los Angeles. Times HERE. In all seriousness, this
campaign’s no laughing matter.



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