Ry Cooder to Ride His “UFO”


Two discs and 34 Songs
From The Virtuoso Guitarist’s Eclectic Career

By Fred Mills


“Rhino takes a joy ride through Ry Cooder’s prolific career”
begins a press release from the esteemed archival label, and if you’ve glommed
the loony album artwork above, you know that they must be telling the truth. On
Oct. 8 Rhino will drop the two-CD Cooder chronicle The UFO Has Landed, a 34-song compilation tracking the maestro’s
solo records and his soundtrack work.


Now, sharp-eyed BLURT-sters will already have noted this is
not the first time to the Cooder anthology well: in 1995 Warner Bros. released Music By Ry Cooder, a two-disc
collection of his film music that’s absolutely crucial listening to any Cooder
fan (it’s long been a house fave here at the BLURT mansion); while the previous
year WEA-Germany issued the 19-track River
Rescue: The Very Best Of
(likewise, an essential piece to own, as it
collected both film and solo work); and in ’92 Warner Bros. UK reissued the
13-song Cooder greatest hits LP, Why
Don’t You Try Me,
on CD. The latter two, however, are outrageously priced
nowadays, however. And in any event, The
UFO Has Landed
brings the career overview up to the present – just looking
at the track listing we can already state for the record that this record is
the bee’s knees, Jeeves.


From Rhino:


Produced by Cooder’s son, Joachim, the
set offers a fresh look at Cooder’s musical career, spanning 38 years–from his
eponymous 1970 debut to this year’s I, Flathead–and includes the previously
unreleased version of “Let’s Work Together” featuring accordion player
Buckwheat Zydeco, drummer Jim Keltner, pianist Jim Dickinson and bassist Mike Elizondo.
Along with his solo work,
The UFO Has Landed features selections from Cooder’s film soundtracks, including the
themes from Southern Comfort and Paris, Texas.

It collects Cooder’s
most memorable cuts from his solo albums, including “Maria Elena,”
“Jesus On The Mainline,” “Boomer’s Story,” “I Got
Mine” and “Available Space.” The latter, a Cooder original on his debut, got its name from the album’s producer
Van Dyke Parks, who saw the words on an empty billboard on the way to the studio.

Get rhythm, baby!




Track Listing:
Disc One
1. “Get Rhythm”
2. “Low Commotion”
3. “Available Space”
4. “On A Monday”
5. “Do Re Mi”
6. “Which Came First”
7. “The Very Thing That Makes You Rich (Makes Me Poor)”
8. “Down In Hollywood”
9. “Smells Like Money”
10. “Let’s Work Together”*
11. “I Got Mine”
12. “Cherry Ball Blues”
13. “Jesus On The Mainline”
14. “Tattler”
15. “Teardrops Will Fall”
16. “Maria Elena”
17. “Jesse James”
Disc Two
1. “Paris, Texas”
2. “Theme From Southern Comfort”
3. “Tamp ‘Em Up Solid”
4. “Billy The Kid”
5. “Crazy ‘Bout An Automobile (Every Woman I Know)”
6. “Drive Like I Never Been Hurt”
7. “Feelin’ Bad Blues”
8. “Boomer’s Story”
9. “How Can You Keep Moving (Unless You Migrate Too)”
10. “Alimony”
11. “Always Lift Him Up/Kanaka Wai Wai”
12. “Theme From Alamo
13. “Dark End Of The Street”
14. “Why Don’t You Try Me”
15. “Poor Man’s Shangri-La”
16. “Going Back To Okinawa”
17. “Little Sister”
*Previously unreleased


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