Jourgensen puts an end
to the “rumors,” goes flex-time with the Revolting Cocks.

By Randy Harward


Sometimes it’s hard to retire gracefully—just ask Ozzy
Osbourne and Gene Simmons. We expected more of a commitment from Al “Alien”
Jourgensen, however, when the Revolting Cocks co-founder/frontguy was talkin’
about pullin’ out of the band. Now he’s saying he’ll stay… at least for a few
choice dates, says a press release sent out earlier this month.


In the release, Jourgensen said, “Much like Menudo does or
the Blue Man Group, I was going to hand the band over to this younger
generation of RevCo’s, to Sin [Quirin/guitars], Josh [Bradford/vocals] and
Clayton [Worbeck/keyboards], kind of franchise it out. I think that these three
knuckleheads capture the true essence and spirit of being a Revolting Cock, if
you will. But, this album turned out so damned good, I think I’m going to stick
around for a while.”


He went on to heap praise upon the RevCo’s new album, Sex-O Olympic-O. “This is the best RevCo
album I’ve ever done. As a matter of fact, I think this is the best
album—including Ministry, Pailhead, Lard—anything I’ve ever done, period.
Production-wise, song-wise, I’m really, really happy with this record. It’s the
first CD I’ve ever gotten back from the mastering studio that I didn’t have
anything to bitch about. No complaints. I listened to the whole thing and just
went, “OK, that’s a wrap. Let’s go!’”


There’s only one problem left, says vocalist Josh Bradford.
“The challenge will be coming up with a name for the RevCo tour, since Al
already took all of the RevCo-appropriate tour names such as CliTour,
Sphinctour, FornicaTour, and MasterBaTouR for Ministry. We’ll probably have a
contest on the RevCo MySpace site and ask the fans.”


No, no. Dude—BLURT has gotcha covered.


Tour You A New Asshole

Alien Adduction

Penile ImplanTour


Indecision in Ten Cities

The Return of ScroTour


Black Black No Takebacks


You Goddamned Son of a—What, You’re Not Leavin’? Cool.—Tour


Taint A Comeback


What do we win?

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