Raveonettes w/Free Remix EP Today


First in a series of four EPs the
Danish band is releasing.


By Fred Mills



Raveonettes have just announced a series of
digital only EPs to be issued on Vice Music.
They’ll come out over the course of the next three months, leading off with a
free remix EP today.



It’s a departure from the band’s
signature glam/shoegaze sound as evidenced on the recent Lust Lust Lust album – they claim it and subsequent releases will “show
off new, heretofore unknown creative angles of the group.”



Three tracks from Lust Lust Lust,
presented in radically different new versions, make up the EP, Japanese electro
producer 80KIDZ, Alec Empire-conspirator Nic Endo, and Danish DJ Trentemøeller
handling the knob-twiddling. You can nab ‘em HERE.


1. Dead Sound (80KIDZ remix)
2. Aly, Walk With Me (Nic Endo remix)
3. Lust (Trentemøeller Remix)




Following today’s remix EP will be Sometimes They
Drop By
on September 23, with
electronics that “indulge a deeper investment into the sampled beats and
textures that have always lurked underneath their sound.” According to a
posting at the band’s MySpace blog some elaboration was provided on the second
EP, which was recorded in NYC, Copenhagen and L.A.: “It’s an
explosive mixture of electronic sounds and a tiny bit of guitar,” writes the
band. “It was a real blast making it and it also made us a tad nervous cause
it’s quite different from what we normally do, at least that’s what we thought
when we recorded it but after a while I see some similarities there, the drum
beats, the vibe of the songs, the singing of course and just the overall feel”



Track Listing:

Way Out There
Sometimes They Drop By
Blood Red Leis
Vintage Future



 Two more EPs will follow on October 21 and
November 25: the former’s to be a “twist” on the band’s familiar vibe, while
the latter comprises Christmas tunes.



[Photo Credit: C. Davey Wilson]







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