Portugal. The Man On Sarah Palin



If you put lipstick on
a pit-bull, it’s still a pit-bull.


By Brian Creech



According to a press release issued by the band, the band Portugal. The
Man has true Alaskan cred, at least more Alaskan cred than governor Sarah



“Gourley and Carothers
grew up in the tiny town of Wasilla, fishing, hiking, and playing music
together. Gourley and his hippie parents lived outside of town in a remote log
cabin that was powered by a generator and had no phone. His mom and dad, a team
of dog sled mushers, ran Alaska’s
annual Iditarod, dubbed the “last great race on earth.” And Carothers
remembers his frequent banter with Palin, then Wasilla’s Mayor, about building
a town skate park (never happened). Gourley and Carothers’ families still live
in Wasilla… [and] Gourley has said that Alaska, with its breathtaking,
ice-filled landscapes, has had a huge impact on the band’s music.”



So wait, Sara Palin reneged on a promise to build a skate
park?  Just add that to the long list of
grievances presented by Gourley over at www.portugaltheman.net.  Given Sarah Palin’s
limited time on the world stage, Portugal. The Man’s words are the
first bit of criticism to come from a group of Alaskans. 


The essay, titled “Palin, Because We Don’t Need It,” invokes
an ethos of sustainability, telling a poignant story of when Gourley and his
dad, while on a hunting trip, give up a perfectly good shot at moose.  When Gourley asks his dad why he gave up such
an opportune shot, he responds with “Because we don’t need it.” 


Gourley goes to include a list of other things we don’t



“We don’t need drilling in some of our most beautiful and
untouched land…We should be investing and working towards clean fuels. We
don’t need to be draining our planet of every last drop before moving on to the
next. Sarah Palin disagrees….


We don’t need aerial hunting…I don’t know of any true
Alaskan that feels it is

good sport to shoot an animal from a plane. Sarah Palin


We don’t need book burners and censors…


We don’t need a wolf in sheep’s clothing…She has billed her
self as this overly average “hockey mom” and it is just not what I
see. I see the sport hunter, the censor, choice taker, the revelations reader,
and the high school cheerleader. It is endlessly embarrassing to watch people
fall all over this idea. This is not my Alaska.”



In between now and Election Day, Portugal. The
Man plan to release an album and tour the lower forty-eight, presumably relating
their tale of the evils of Sarah Palin to the non-Alaskan audiences. Their
album, Censored Colors will be
released on September 16 via Equal Vision. 
Their tour starts on October 14th in Fresno,
CA and carries them all the way through
November 28th, ending in Seattle,




14 The Exit, Fresno, CA
15 Clubhouse, Phoenix, AZ
17 Rock Bottom, San Antonio, TX
18 Emo’s, Austin, TX
19 Meridian, Houston, TX
20 House of Blues/Parish Room, New Orleans, LA
22 Orpheum, Tampa, FL
23 The Social, Orlando, FL
24 Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville, FL
25 The 7 Venue, Douglasville, GA
26 The Brewery, Raleigh, NC
27 Canal Club, Richmond VA
29 Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
30 Crocodile Rock, Allentown, PA
31 Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY


1 School of Rock, Hackensack, NJ
2 Harper’s Ferry, Boston, MA
4 The Club at Water Street Music Hall, Rochester, NY
5 Magic Stick, Detroit, MI
6 Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights, OH
7 Subterranean, Chicago, IL
8 The House Cafe, Dekalb, IL
9 Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis, MN
10 Sokol Underground, Omaha, NE
12 Fubar, St. Louis, MO
13 OZ Cafe, Wichita, KS
14 Marquis Theatre, Denver, CO
15 Studio 600, Salt Lake City, UT
16 Jillan’s, Las Vegas, NV
18 Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA
19 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
20 Soma Sidestage, San Diego, CA
21 Howie’s, Visalia, CA
22 The Dome, Bakersfield, CA
23 Eureka Coffee, Lathrop, CA
24 Slim’s, San Francisco, CA
25 The Boardwalk, Orangevale, CA
28 El Corazon, Seattle, WA




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