Plastic Crimewave Sound’s Face Melting Acid Punk


This stuff just doesn’t
happen in a vacuum…

By Fred Mills



Mark yer intergalactic calendars (and dossiers) for Oct. 23:
that’s when Plastic Crimewave Sound by Chicago’s
Plastic Crimewave Sound arrives courtesy Prophase/MVD Audio.



Who the hell is Plastic Crimewave Sound, you ask? Why, none
other than Plastic Crimewave (Steve Krakow) on Chopper Guitar, bellows; Mark
Lux (Raspberry Kidd), on Broke ass Bass; Lawrence Peters (Skog Device) on Drum
& mediation.



Adjunct members include Andy “Panic” (Lord)
Ortmann on electronische; Ben Baker Billington on drumz in a pinch; Brett Druid
on frequencies; Adam Rebis on sitar, guitarsound. And former members are Cat
Chow, Jayne Cienfuegos, Nick D’vyne, Ian Knox. At least that’s what their
MySpace page – where you can hear some pretty ace sound samples – advises.



Glom the influences: Velvets, Flipper, Debris, Syd’s Floyd,
the Deviants, the Stooges, Motorhead, Stackwaddy, The Birds, Michael Yonkers
Band, Simply Saucer, the Up, Crime, Pink Fairies, Edgar Broughton Band, T.Rex,
early UFO, Can, Purple Image, The Monks, Status Quo, High Rise, Yo Ho Wha 13,
Chrome, SRC, the Move, Loop, The Dicks, Dead C, Tractor, Hawkwind, the Wipers,
ESP records, AMM, Les Ralliez, the Godz, Slowbone, the Misunderstood, St.
Anthonys Fyre, Fushitsusha, Neu!, Canned Heat, Cromagnon, Fang, Goblin, George
Brigman, Garbage and the Flowers, Rocket From the Tombs, Gravitar,
International Harvester, Skullflower, Blossom Toes, Crushed Butler, Section 25,
Swell Maps, Johns Children, Mars, Skip James, Pharoah Sanders, Third World War,
Butthole Surfers, The Gordons, Sonics Rendevous Band, Electric Eels, Granicus,
Schizo, Captain Beefheart, Eno and JPT Scare Band.



Need any more convincing? According to the label the new rec
is “a more song oriented take on psychedelia after their double album
adventure, No Wonderland. Mind
burning guitars mix with throbbing bass and a propulsive drummer. A very 21st
Century mix of psych, Krautrock, acid folk and prog rock that pushes all of
those genres forward in technicolor.”



Well, all right then! At BLURT we are all about mind burning
guitars and lots of throb ‘n’ propusion. Excelsior!



Track Listing:


(I Am) Planet Crushing

Island Boogie

Shockwave Rider

Punched in the Face

The Pasture




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